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Blog 45: Human Design with Jackie … Unlocking Boundless Energy

Unlock boundless energy with Human Design expert Jackie! Discover how aligning with your unique design can unleash your full potential and vitality. Dive into personalised insights and practical tools to thrive in every aspect of life.
Blog 45: Human Design with Jackie … Unlocking Boundless Energy
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Unlock boundless energy with Human Design expert Jackie! Discover how aligning with your unique design can unleash your full potential and vitality. Dive into personalised insights and practical tools to thrive in every aspect of life.


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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we delve into the fascinating world of Human Design. Unveiling the secrets of your unique Human Design type is akin to unlocking boundless energy and a personalised roadmap for harmonising your life with your authentic self. This powerful tool empowers individuals to navigate life more easily and authentically, fostering a deeper connection to their innate gifts and potential.

Meet Jackie, our passionate guide on this illuminating journey. With her expertise in Human Design and somatic work, Jackie is dedicated to empowering individuals, especially women, to reclaim their energy, avoid burnout, and embrace lives filled with vitality and purpose. Join us as Jackie shares her invaluable insights, experiences, and wisdom, offering guidance on optimising your energy and living in alignment with your unique design.

Understanding your Human Design type is not just a revelation—it's a gateway to living your best life, fully aligned with your true self. Let's unlock your potential and embark on self-discovery and transformation together.

Would you agree with the above statement, Jackie?

Oh yes! Very much so. It's such a wonderful and potent tool that everyone can benefit from. It also makes complex concepts tangible and applicable in the real world. 

If you are interested in unlocking boundless energy, Jackie is the person you want to talk to!

Jackie, tell me about yourself, your personality, and your passion. How do you serve yourself? Also, how do you serve the community?

I'm an avid adventure seeker, mother to a super cute toddler now and an impact-driven woman in the holistic health space. My mission is to empower and elevate women's energy, avoid burnout like I had, and live LIT UP by what they do and how they live their lifestyles. Using human design and somatic work through my coaching. 

10 Questions for Jackie

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  1. What is Human Design from your perspective? How long have you been following this? 

I see our unique charts as a guide map to understand how we can live out our potential and an optimal life with ease. I first learnt about my own chart in 2019, which was such a penny-drop moment for me. I felt a huge sigh of relief, and it gave me a sense of permission to really lean into my unique way of doing things. Knowing I was on the right path. 

2.      What profile are you for your human DesignReflect if this is accurate for you. Why or why not?

I'm a splenic projector, 1/3 profile (in a nutshell). Knowing this confirmed to me that my instinctual intuitive hits were not random thoughts. They are my guidance system and how the universe speaks to me. I have known this deep down. But it was such a wonderful confirmation, as I built up the trust with it in those years. 

3.      Per our conversation at the end of last year, I am a generator in my profile, meaning I can generate my own energy. I should do things that light me up, listen to my gut frequently, and ask myself questions like this or that or yes or no!

If things are frustrating me, that is not really for me. My signature is satisfaction. 

Profile 4/6. 

4 is how I see myself. 

6 is how others see me. 

I am a role model, and my main gift is impact. 

Based on the above, how could I use my human Design to serve and enrich my life and community?

Well, the first piece of each person's chart, which I find most important, is your authority. In your case, that's your gut intuition. 

Listening to your intuition will lead you to all the other right moves anyway the more you practice trusting and acting on it.

 The second most important piece is your strategy. Again, in your case, that's "responding". So, this is how you best interact and make things happen in the world. So, when thinking about the community, responding to opportunities that come your way is key. Everything you come across, use your authority (your gut intuition) to determine if it's for you or not. Then, watch the magic unfold. 

Thank you so much for the above, Jackie! I cannot wait for the magic to unfold!

4.      What Energetic Patterns Have Shaped Your Life? Reflect on the recurring energy patterns in your life. How have they influenced your well-being, productivity, and overall happiness? Understanding these patterns is the key to unlocking your full energy potential.

As a projector, my energy is less consistent as a generator. I am good at focusing and being SUPER productive in 2- 3 hours stints, and then I need sufficient rest to recoup and do it again. 

 So, this piece has been eye-opening to me. I sometimes don't know when "enough is enough", and I try to keep up with everyone around me. Growing up with manifesting generators in my family, it makes sense that I kept running myself into burnout in my younger years. 

 So now, I really prioritise resting. I determine when I am "done". In some ways, I must force myself to stop working (and that's some inner worth work that I had to do and become aware of, to elevate). 

5.      How can understanding my Human Design type enhance my energy levels and well-being? 

 Reflecting your energy flow, holistic well-being, strategic decision-making, energy resilience, and optimising daily practices. 

As mentioned above, it can open your eyes to how you can manage your energy best. Everyone has slight and subtle differences. It's funny: every time I do a reading of someone's human design chart, they not only resonate with their own but also disclose that they assumed everyone was the same. That is far from the truth. 

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6.      How are Your daily activities aligned with your Human Design? 

Consider the harmony between your daily routines and your unique energy type. Are you engaging in activities that resonate with your natural flow, or are there aspects that drain your vitality? Aligning your actions with your energy blueprint is a transformative step.

My life aligns more with my Design now than a few years ago. 

 I'm a new mum to a toddler and being home most of the time serves me well. I fit in power-packed productive sessions when and where I can for my business and then ensure I rest. I am fortunate my partner and extended family are close to support and babysit when needed.

 To give you a contrast, I used to work full-time, which drained me. Although I intuitively sought out alternative roles, where I'd have 1 hr focus time with clients and rest in between, which worked better, rather than working 8 hrs all at once. 

 7.      When are you Experiencing Energetic Blockages? What do you do?

 Explore the domains of your life where energy seems to stagnate or dissipate. Identifying these blockages is crucial for targeted interventions. What beliefs, habits, or external factors might hinder your energy flow? How can Human Design assist here?

It has so much to do with my inner narrative; I've noticed this more and more lately. Language patterns and how we use words show what our inner monologue is doing. The words we choose to speak out loud literally cast our future and ingrain our beliefs. So, being intentional with them is so powerful. 

 Also, when I get in my head too much to try and "figure it out ", I remind myself to clear space and tune into my body because our intuition (our best and most reliant guidance system) speaks to us through our bodies.

8.      How Can You Tailor Your Nutrition to Boost Your Energy?

 Delve into the connection between your dietary choices and your energy levels. Are you fuelling your body in a way that supports sustained vitality? Consider the impact of your nutritional habits on your overall well-being.


I follow the Glucose Goddess method, which is all about steadying your glucose levels. So you can stay off that roller coaster of highs and lows. 

 It's so simple. You don't have to cut out all good foods; it's just a matter of adding more veggies before each meal, among some other hacks. Eating your food types in the right order can reduce your glucose spike up to 75%, and this can be applied to any dietary requirement.  

 I'm also a very intuitive eater. Our human design charts have a section on 'best environment to eat', which pinpoints the environment your digestion thrives in best. Mine suggests to eat in a vibrant energy around people, whilst others may digest better in a quiet place. 

 9.      What Practices Bring You Joy and Revitalise Your Spirit?

Reflect on activities that uplift and energise you. What practices fill your cup and leave you feeling invigorated? Identifying these joyous pursuits is integral to creating a holistic approach to maintaining high energy levels.


 Mine would be yoga, dance, and gym workouts (I love a good sweat, breathing flow and getting into my body). 

I also love being creative, spending time outside, and exploring with friends and family. 

 10.      Are there any books, podcasts, or other relevant information available for readers interested in learning more about human design and energy?

I do 1:1 chart unpacks to help you understand it and unveil your innate gifts. See more on my website www.releasetorevive.com 

Other human design sources I love are...

1. The beginner's guide to human design podcast hosted By Madeline Evergreen. 

2. Zoe Jenna's human design app and book (myhumandesign.com). 

3. Erin Claire Jones blueprints (humandesignblueprint.com) and Instagram. 

Is there anything else you would like to add here, Jackie? 

If people are interested in following you, please provide your details: 

@releasetorevive on Instagram - come say hi!

“Releasetorevive” podcast on all platforms, even YouTube. 

www.releasetorevive.com for ways to work with me. 

Follow Jackie on her IG handle, check out her podcast and check out your human design chart!

Feel free to share this on Instagram and tag us. We'd love to hear about your Human Design! Thank you!

Thank you for your time in sharing your wisdom today; this will guide me and my readers toward a more vibrant and energised life. 

Ready to unlock boundless energy and live in alignment with your true self? Here is an actionable step inspired by Jackie's insights on Human Design:
1. Discover Your Unique Human Design: Take the first step towards understanding your energy blueprint by exploring your Human Design type. See the suggested website below, and I recommend getting a readying done by someone like Jackie, as the chart itself can seem a little confusing at first. She assisted me with my chart!
Check out your chart, you will need: your full name, your date of birth, the exact time you were born, to the minute, place of birth. Input all the details, and they will send you a report. Please put your minute if available, as this can make a difference in the reading. 
Human Design Chart
Get your Human Design Chart and Free Report Today!

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Connect with Jackie and explore the limitless possibilities of living in alignment with your Human Design!


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Top Quotes 

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Jackie likes this quote:

“You're not tired, you’re uninspired.” Unknown


Below are the quotes I like on this topic:

 “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche
“Where focus goes, energy flows.” Tony Robbins
“Hoping drains your energy. Action creates energy.” Robert T. Kiyosaki
“Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic energy.” Rhonda Byrne
 “Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself.” Denis Waitley

Questions and Reflections

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  1. How has understanding your Human Design type enhanced your energy levels and overall well-being? Reflect on how aligning with your energy flow has impacted your daily practices and decision-making.
  2. Evaluate the alignment between your daily activities and your Human Design. Are there areas where your routines drain your vitality? How can you realign your actions with your energy blueprint for greater harmony and transformation?
  3. Explore practices that bring you joy and revitalise your spirit. How do activities like yoga, dance, or spending time outdoors uplift and energise you? Reflect on the importance of incorporating joyous pursuits into your daily life.

Embrace these questions as invitations to deepen your self-awareness and unlock your boundless energy. 

Feel free to tackle these questions at your own pace! There's no need to answer them all at once. Take your time and respond in a way that works best for you. Thank you!


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As we conclude our exploration into the transformative power of Human Design, let Jackie's journey inspire you to embark on your path of self-discovery and empowerment. By embracing your unique Human Design type, you can unlock the keys to living a life filled with boundless energy, authenticity, and fulfilment. Remember, your journey towards greater well-being and alignment begins with a single step—embrace the wisdom of your Human Design and watch as your life transforms in remarkable ways.

 As we wrap up our journey exploring the transformative potential of Human Design, let Jackie's inspiring story ignite your path of self-discovery and empowerment. Embracing your unique Human Design type isn't just about understanding yourself—it's about unlocking boundless energy, authenticity, and fulfilment in your life. Remember, every step you take towards greater well-being and alignment with your design brings you closer to a life of remarkable transformation and growth. Take that first step today and embrace the wisdom of your Human Design.

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Cheers to a vibrant, energised, and thriving you! 

 Thank you.

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Journal Prompt

Ready to deepen your self-awareness and align with your true potential? Here is a journal prompt inspired by Jackie's insights on Human Design:

Aligning Daily Activities with Your Energy Blueprint:
    • Review your daily routines and activities through the lens of your Human Design type. Are there aspects of your life that naturally align with your energy blueprint? What activities drain your vitality, and how can you make intentional adjustments?
    • Journal about moments of alignment and discord in your daily life. How can you prioritise activities that resonate with your natural flow while minimising energy drains?
    • Consider Jackie's journey and insights as inspiration for crafting a lifestyle honouring your unique energy type.