Blog 61: Healing Triggers, Building Bonds: A Parent Coach’s Story
Discover the journey of a mum-turned-certified parent coach, embracing peaceful and empathetic parenting.
Blog 60 Family Zen: Unlocking Joy and Connection Through Meditation with Kids
Discover the joy of meditating with kids—enhance family bonds and instil lifelong wellness habits.
Blog 59 Embrace the Essence: Natural Perfume for Thriving Mums
Explore the world of natural perfumes with “Embrace the Essence: Natural Perfume for Thriving Mums.” Discover organic, toxin-free fragrances and embrace their pure beauty!
Blog 58: Harmony in Motion: Blending Children’s Yoga and Sound Baths for Wellness with Evangeline
Empower kids with yoga! Boost their calm, focus, and resilience through mindful practices. Harmony in Motion!
Blog 57: Make Your Fun List: A Guide to Daily Joy and Fulfilment
Discover the joys of motherhood with ‘Make Your Fun List’—your guide to daily joy and fulfilment. Start thriving and smiling every day!
Blog 56: Calm Amidst Chaos
Discover empowering strategies to move from Chaos to Calm! Join us and transform your daily life with simple, practical tips.
Blog 55: Book Review: “Your Happily Ever After” by Lauren Jobson
Ready to discover the secrets to happiness and self-love? Read my engaging review of Lauren Jobson’s “Your Happily Ever After” and embark on a journey to uncover the joy and success within yourself.
Blog 54: Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma!
Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma! Join us as we explore the genuine and empowering journey of a wealth and mindset coach who transformed personal challenges into professional success.
Blog 53: Coming Back Strong: Empowering Mums Returning to Work After Children
Discover Nitasha’s journey as a dedicated mother of three, navigating the intricate balance between family life and a fulfilling career in safety and wellbeing.
Blog 52: From Doubt to Empowerment: Lessons in Personal Growth from Lauren’s Journey
Embark on Lauren’s NLP journey, from Doubt to Empowerment, harnessing the power of the mind for transformative change. Discover practical NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques for daily growth. Join her empowering quest for healing, self-discovery, and purposeful living.
Blog 51: Becoming Limitless with Jessica Read
Embark on a transformative journey with Jessica Read, your holistic well-being and business guide. Discover her holistic approach to success, diving deep into personal and professional growth.
Blog 50: Living Life Like It’s 1999: Finding Joy in Simple Pleasures
Living Life Like It’s 1999: Finding Joy in Simple Pleasures. Rediscover the magic of playful living and unleash your inner child as a mum. This blog explores how incorporating fun and playfulness can enhance your wellness and personal growth journey.
Blog 49: From Whimsy to Wellness: Navigating Life’s Tapestry with Mukti
Join me on a journey from whimsical to wellness as I chat with Mukti in a candid interview. But here’s the twist – I’ll be interviewing myself!
Blog 48: Empowering Wellness Tammy’s Mission
Empowering Wellness Tammy, your Remedial/Sports Injury Massage Therapist, leads you towards holistic healing and relaxation with transformative massage therapy. Explore inner peace and rejuvenation now.
Blog 47: Nourish from within with Adriana: The Transformative Power of Organic food on your Wellbeing.
Unlock the transformative power of organic food with Adriana! Explore holistic wellness and nourish your wellbeing from within.
Blog 46 Transform Your Life in 30 Days: A Review of Yoga with Adriene’s 30-Day Challenge Flow
Embark on a transformative journey with Yoga with Adriene’s 30-Day Challenge. Join Adriene Mishler as she guides you through practices to nurture mind, body, and soul. Find balance, cultivate mindfulness, and embrace vitality. Namaste.
Blog 45: Human Design with Jackie … Unlocking Boundless Energy
Unlock boundless energy with Human Design expert Jackie! Discover how aligning with your unique design can unleash your full potential and vitality. Dive into personalised insights and practical tools to thrive in every aspect of life.
Blog 44: Nature’s Playground: A Family Expedition Across New Zealand’s South Island
Embark on the ultimate family adventure with Nature’s Playground! Join our journey across New Zealand’s South Island, where awe-inspiring landscapes, exhilarating experiences, and everlasting memories await. Dive into a voyage of discovery, exploration, and personal growth.
Blog 43: Word Magic: A Deep Dive into Choosing Your Guiding Word for 2024
Word Magic, a deep dive! Embark on a journey to discover your guiding word—a personal mantra propelling you toward growth, purpose, and fulfilment in 2024. Dive into selecting your guiding word, where transformative magic turns intentions into actions, infusing each day with profound meaning.
Blog 42: Feel & Look Fabulous: Your 2024 Wellness Odyssey
Embark on a transformative journey to radiant well-being in 2024! Join me in crafting a wellness odyssey that renew your body and sparks a radiant glow within, setting the stage for a year of vibrant health and self-love.
Blog 41: Energise Your Days: A Playful Guide to Boosting Daily Energy
“Energise Your Days: A Playful Guide to Boosting Daily Energy”! Let’s embark on a journey to infuse your life with joy, vibrancy, and the zest you’ve been craving.
Blog 40: Empowering Women: The Transformative Benefits of Weight Training in Your 40s and Beyond
Revitalise your strength, confidence, and zest for life! Discover the empowering journey of weight training in your 40s and beyond, where every lift becomes a declaration of self-love and resilience. Let’s sculpt a future brimming with vitality and unstoppable grace.
Blog 39: Ignite Your Mind and Body: A Wellness Coach’s Guide to Jump-Starting Your Journey
Unlock your full potential, revitalise your spirit, and embrace a path to holistic well-being that sparks lasting positive change.Get ready to reignite your zest for life!
Blog 38: Bye-Bye Inflammation: Embrace a Happier, Healthier You!
Welcome to a journey of renewed vitality and well-being! Inflammation, though a natural response, can wreak havoc when left unchecked. But fear not! In this blog, we’ll explore practical and holistic ways to say farewell to inflammation, paving the way for a happier and healthier you.
Blog 37: Time Mastery: The Art of Overcoming Procrastination
Unravel the mystery behind procrastination and discover the keys to reclaiming your time and productivity. It’s time to transform delay into action and unlock the secrets to a more empowered and fulfilling life.
Blog 36: Navigating the Perimenopause Adventure: Your Guided Tour!
Join us on a transformative journey through perimenopause like never before! This blog will unveil the secrets to navigating this adventure gracefully and empathetically.
Blog 35: Morning Magic: Crafting a Ritual that Suits Your Personality and Filling up your Cup First!
Discover the secret to a harmonious morning routine that aligns with your unique personality. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and start your day with purpose!
Blog 34: Navigating the maze of self-compassion: Your road map to inner healing.
Set out on a magical journey where your compass leads to self-compassion. Explore the maze of life and uncover your guide to inner healing.
BLOG 33: The Art of Mindful Micro Habits: Transforming your life, one tiny step at a time
Step into Mindful Micro Habits - where tiny changes spark significant transformations! Discover how these mini daily actions can powerfully reshape your life, one gentle step at a time.
Blog 32: Seven Easy and Natural ways to say Goodbye to Headaches.
Escape the Grip of Headaches: Discover 7 Natural Solutions to Reclaim Your Pain-Free, Energised Life!
Blog 31: Nurturing Mental Health: A Transformative Guide for Self and Loved Ones
This transformative blog will explore strategies and practical tips to foster mental health and build a stronger foundation for a thriving life. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the keys to supporting mental health!
Blog 30: Unveiling the Fountain of Youth: The Transformative Power of Moving Our Bodies
Regularly moving our bodies, we release endorphins and help relieve stress. It allows us to take a break from everyday challenges and responsibilities. Moving our bodies helps emotions move through it.
Blog 29 The Incredible Power within Unleashing our Brain’s Capacity for Lifelong Learning.
Experience the incredible wonders of unleashing the untapped potential in your mind, setting forth on an awe-inspiring expedition of never-ending discovery and continuous self-improvement.
Blog 28 Expanding with Gratitude: Cultivating a Transformative Mindset
Gratitude expands our hearts, shifts our mindset, and ignites a transformation. By practising gratitude, we attract positivity and abundance into our lives and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the present moment.
Blog 27: 7 Transformative Meditation Practices for Daily Growth
Experience the power of these mind-altering techniques as they effortlessly melt away stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling lighter and more at peace. Embrace the art of gratitude and become a beacon of positivity, radiating love and kindness towards yourself and others.
Blog 26: Unleashing Your Inner Potential: Conquering Self-Sabotage
Unleash your inner potential by conquering self-sabotage, unlocking the limitless power that lies within you. Embrace the journey of personal growth and transform self-doubt into self-belief, paving the path to success and fulfillment. Introduction
Blog 25 7 Days of Personal Growth
Unlock your true potential and transform your life in just seven days with our easy-to-read and captivating program - embark on a journey of personal growth that will leave you empowered, inspired, and ready to defeat any challenge that comes your way.
Blog 24: The Power of Connections: Unveiling the Five Types of Transformative Friends
From the cheerleader to the fun companion, the challenger to the confidant, and the connector to the mentor, cultivating the five essential types of friends ensure personal growth, professional success, and a fulfilling life journey.
Blog 23: Seven Days of Wellness: A Journey to a Healthier You
Seven days of wellness is crucial to prioritise self-care and nourish our physical and mental health, creating a solid foundation for overall well-being and a balanced life.
Blog 22: Find your Mojo, Baby!
Rediscover Your Magic: How to Regain Your Mojo and Confidence
Blog 21: Live your Life by Design
Unleash the architect within you and sculpt your destiny - free yourself and embrace a life crafted by your own design! Why settle for imitating someone else when you can unveil the exquisite beauty of your unique self?
Blog 20: How to unlock the five-love language with your kids to make them feel loved and appreciated daily!
The power of unlocking the Five Love Languages for your kids would mean uncovering their full potential as human beings.
Blog 19: How to Unlock the Secret to a Fulfilling Relationship: Discover Your Love Language and Transform the Way You Give and Receive Love!
By discovering and understanding our love languages, we can communicate our love so that our partner understands and feels loved. This revolutionary concept has transformed countless relationships, leading to deeper connections, and fulfilling partnerships.
Blog 18: How to have a restful night‘s sleep daily?
Are you tired of tossing and turning all night? Say adiós (goodbye) to sleepless nights and hola (hello) to sweet dreams with these simple yet effective tips for a restful night’s sleep.
Blog 17: Why do we sleep.
Do you want a SUPERPOWER? The answer is SLEEP! Not just sleep, good quality SLEEP!
Blog 16: How to find your zone of genius?
Everyone has a zone of genius. This belief is one of the core philosophies that guide us every day. However, everyone’s zone of genius is unique. This is the mental and physical space where your interests, passions and skills converge to make you unstoppable in your performance.
Blog 15: How to stay strong during ups and downs.
Human life has many ups and downs. We have moments when everything seems to be going perfectly, and then sometimes it feels that the world is against us, and we feel like giving up.
Blog 14: How to feel time abundance?
On Earth, what is the most precious resource? What if I told you that the most valuable resource on Earth is not gold, diamonds, or oil? It’s far more precious and cannot be bought, sold, or traded. It’s TIME!
How being more creative makes you happier so you can express and process emotions better.
Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Are you struggling to process your emotions or find positivity in challenging situations? Look no further than your creativity. Engaging in creative activities can help you improve your mood, manage stress, and find new solutions to problems.
Blog 12: Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards – Book Review
This book will teach you how to interact with people in a more confident and charismatic way with some simple tools. The science of succeeding with People.
Best Evening Routine to Serve You Daily!
You may be a person who is overwhelmed, tired and feeling burned out; however, it is possible to change to a confident, thriving, and inspired person; this will not happen overnight; however, if you start prioritising yourself first, you will see changes.
Best Morning Routine to Serve You Daily!
How to have the best morning routine that serves you each day; it doesn’t have to be the same each day. We all know that the morning is a great time to set our intentions for the day, and if we allow ourselves to get what we crave each morning, we are fuel for the day.
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Sixth Sense Superpower Course by Sonia Choquette Review
Learning to harness your superpower; we all have it. However, it has been dormant for so long that we have forgotten how to use our superpower! This course is fantastic and makes you feel great, it has been designed in bite-size lessons daily, and you only need about 30-40 minutes
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We are all gifted with 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week; how you use it is your decision, and the time will go past whether you have scheduled it
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