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Soul Modes By Carlie Maree book review

You are not one ordinary woman. You’re four extraordinary one.
Soul Modes By Carlie Maree book review
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You are not one ordinary woman. You’re four extraordinary one.

What I think of this book

I have listened to this book from Audible several times; it is concise, only 3 hours and 25 minutes; it is a book worth buying as a physical copy, which only a couple of hours to read. I love it on Audible when the author reads the book, as you can hear Carlie’s personality and engagement with this topic. You can listen to the areas that get her all fired up in her voice and how this topic relates to her life. Listening to this book felt like Carlie and I were chatting, not like she was reading the book to me, which I loved. I felt connected to her.

Carlie has done many studies to discover how these modes affect the female population, how we all have these in our lives, and how to fill out their four cups. If we have our tool belt ready and know how to serve each of our modes best, our lives will be smoother and happier.

The book in 5 sentences

We, females, are not the same each day. One day we want to do everything; the next, we want to do nothing. This book allows you time to observe your modes with no judgment and then will enable you to find ways to fill these cups to serve you and your family best.

Once you realise these four modes serve a higher purpose, they all have a job to do, and they want the best for you and their cups filled. So, you have four cups to fill, and if you give yourself what you need for each cup, this process will go much smoother and happier.

Who should read it?

This book is mainly for females; however, it should be read or listened to by everyone. As a male, you will interact with a female, whether this is your mum, sister, wife, daughter, etc. This book will only take a couple of hours to listen to and or read; it is a short read and worth it.

There is magic in our madness; Women are MAGIC!!! First, however, you must know how to harness the magic with love.

Do you, as females, want to change the world one day but the next day do nothing much? So, you are more inward thinking, then another day you are super busy doing things from your to-do list and a different day, so grateful for your life and family!

This book explains four modes of our soul, they are:

  • Wild
  • Bear
  • Super
  • Sparkle

We need all the soul modes; in this book, Carlie explains that we have four cups to fill; once we fill that cup, we can move to the next. I appreciate the way she describes this in the book!

These modes could take a week to get through one by one or one or two days; it is all about how you fill the cups; ideally, you and your family should fill the cup sooner than later. Again, ideally, one or two days at each; however, this may vary, depending on how you feel, your circumstance, and what is happening in your life and environment.

Each mode comes with a new set of needs and a different set of yearnings.

Ask yourself now:

What do you feel like doing right now?

Besides the things, you must do, like work, domestic or looking after the kids if you have some.

What would you do right now if you could?

An excellent read for a male to understand the female better!

4 Souls Modes:

Wild (Change)

Photo by Uriel Soberanes / Unsplash

When you want something, and you will drive to get it, you are in wild mode. This inner wild woman seems restless, frustrated, challenging and tense. Yet, what you crave the most is a creative outlet and understanding.

In this mode, we crave change; we have no tolerance for things not working. In this mode, we can quickly identify ways to improve our lives. To remove all the clutter, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Some characteristics of wild mode:

  • You can hold up robust conversations.
  • You are your trusted self with inhibitions and reservations.
  • A strong desire to make changes.
  • A piercing willingness to grow.
  • Clear that clutter- in your home and your mind.
  • Communicate with those closest to you how you feel.
  • Buy the thing you have wanted for ages.
  • Check-in with your goals.
  • Get outside.
  • Pick a creative outfit.
  • Seek inspiration.
  • Be gentle with yourself and those around you.
  • Get prepared for the bear coming.
  • Signing up for a coaching program as you craving to grow.
  • Cutting and or colouring your hair.
  • Doing something outrageous.

Journal prompts ideas in wild mode if you feel stuck in what to do:

  • It’s time that I…
  • I now allow myself to release…
  • What I’m craving right now is…
  • The thing I haven’t been saying is…
  • No longer will I accept…
  • I will create a life of…
  • My promise to myself is…
“Your wild woman knows exactly what needs to happen for you to become the best possible version of yourself”. Carlie Maree

Bear (Quite and Reflective)

polar bear
Photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager / Unsplash

In this mode, we tend to crave quiet, peace and rest. Our energy is much lower; we may be spaced out. We ponder our values, the big picture, and what really matters in our lives. This is an excellent time for healing and self-love. Although you may prefer to be left alone more in this mode, this would be a perfect opportunity to tell the people who live with you what you need now so there is no miscommunication.

This is one of the more feminine modes.

Some characteristics of bear mode:

  • Rest
  • Quiet
  • Journaling
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Slowing down the pace a little
  • Self-care
  • Self-love
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-kindness
  • Breathe for a moment.
  • Taking a pause
  • Making sure everything is okay.

Journal prompts ideas in bear mode if you feel stuck on what to do:

  • What I need most right now is...
  • What my soul is asking me to do right now is…
  • The ‘big picture vision’ for me is…
  • The thing that is in the way for me right now is…
  • What I’m afraid to say out loud is…
  • Something I could do to help me feel good right now is…
“If you suddenly find yourself asking the questions ‘what’s up’ with me? You might find you’re in bear mode.” Carlie Maree

Super (Action)

Photo by Jess Bailey / Unsplash

In this mode, we love taking action and creating tangible results. We could find ourselves writing our lists and creating schedules. We are very motivated and confident and love to start new projects in this mode.

You become a superhero; you need time and space to get things done and feel better. You may feel busy, distracted, and obsessed with plans.

In this mode, you could set a new routine, find solutions that you looked for in the past, and get things done without too much fuss.

Some characteristics of Super mode:

  • Confidence is much higher.
  • Stay present.
  • Creates systems.
  • Write down the big goals.
  • A burst in motivations
  • A strong desire to feel productive.
  • A driving, pushing, moving, dynamic, powerful energy.
  • A need to get organised.
  • Ask for who and what you need.
  • Do all the planning.
  • Do something that previously felt scary.
  • Learn something new.

Journal prompts ideas in super mode if you feel stuck on what to do:

  • What I want to do is…
  • I need some routine and structure…
  • I am good at…
  • The thing I’m no longer scared to do is…
  • I need to remember that I am…
  • I am so keen to learn more about it…
  • What I will get done today is…
  • When I lose focus or confidence, I will…

Sparkle (Fairy)

Closeup of purple and pink glitter surface with creamy boke background.
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This mode’s all about connection; we crave for people to be around us. We find it easy to be present and feel gratitude. This is one of the more feminine and nurturing modes. We are sparkly fairies and spread love, everywhere we go.

What we most crave here are attention, snuggles and fun. We seem affectionate, sociable, forgetful, and clucky.

Some characteristics of sparkle mode:

  • Seeking out affection.
  • Getting out of your head.
  • Expressing love and appreciation.
  • Getting into your body.
  • Dancing and music.
  • Practising gratitude.
  • Do something purely because it feels good.
  • Get to know your values. Capture this feeling.

Journal prompts ideas in sparkle mode if you feel stuck on what to do:

  • I feel so grateful for…
  • Something I love about myself are…
  • The thing that brings me true pure joy is…
  • My most important values are…
  • What would I like to bring more into my everyday life…
  • The ‘real me’ is…

These modes happen in this order, and most of the time, in this order, sometimes you may feel like you missed one. However, it may be that it just passes so quickly that you didn’t notice it.

How the book changed me?

Allow me to pause and think about which mode I am in and figure out what will serve my soul best in that mode.

I have tracked my journey in the past seven days, which I love to share with you.

Sunday – Wild

Monday - Bear

Tuesday - Bear/Super

Wednesday- Super/Sparkle

Thursday Sparkle

Friday- Sparkle/Wild

Saturday- Wild

Once you know your pattern, so much easier for you and your loved ones to give you what you need at that time.

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“Your soul cycle is your anchor to your true self when you feel disconnected”. Carlie Maree

Top Quotes

All these quotes are from Carlie Maree.

“You are not one ordinary woman. You’re four remarkable ones”.
“There is nothing wrong with you”.
“If you feel yourself becoming irritated in wild mode, try to take a breath and remember that this is all about making positive changes”.
“The people around you need you to be okay. The people around you are not going to be okay if you are running on empty”.
There are actually four difference ‘self-care’ cups that need filling and an afternoon at the day spa isn’t going to satisfy them all.”
Your wild woman holds wisdom you won’t find anywhere else”.
“You are an extraordinary, brilliant and complex human.”
Your inconsistency is actually brilliance. You are completely and utterly magic.”
“You have everything you need inside of you.”
“Our Soul Modes are what makes us well- rounded, balanced human. Our Souls Modes are also what drives us forward. Together they form on ongoing cycle, and this cycle is our in-build system for personal growth.”
“ Your soul cycle is a consistent rhythms that is happening whether you are noticing it or not- kind of like a heartbeat”.
“They ARE you. They are all  a part of what makes you an extraordinary, brilliant, and complex human. And once you discover them, get to know them, and embrace them-each of them can really shine”.
“Right now, one of your four inner women is at the wheel, and whoever is at the wheels dictates which “mode” you’re currently in.”

Questions to ponder on:

What would you love to do most right now?

Life should feel great. Is your life feeling that way?

Please pause and see what mode you are in right now.  What do I need right now?

Do you recall how good life could be?


To sum it up, we all have hidden magic within ourselves. So, instead of fighting the tides, let’s see if we could ride with our waves. This book provides many tactics you can use in your life and help you through the modes.

Wild (Change)

She knows exactly what needs to change and what needs to be left behind so that you step into your next level.

She is easily frustrated and has little tolerance for anything that isn’t serving or holding you back.

Bear (Quiet and Reflective)

Your inner hibernating bear is a deep thinker.

She is truly connected to what matters. She has a big-picture imagination, a dreamer. She reminds you of the importance of slowing down and checking in to ensure that the path you are moving down is safe and the right one for you.

Super (Action)

Your inner superhuman is no-nonsense.

She has zero time for sitting around. She gets it done. She loves order and structure and progress and results. She is confident and driven and loves learning. She is very independent and comes up with logical solutions for any problems.

Sparkly (Fairy)

Your inner sparkly fairy is all love and no focus. She flits around, sprinkling love on everyone she meets. She’s a very high vibe as she feels so much gratitude. She is very present and loves play, music, dancing, and nature. She is affectionate and deeply empathetic.

To Conclude

We all heard the saying you could not pour from an empty cup; this book talks about four cups for females that need filling at different times. In this order, we flow from one stage to another, which are Wild, Bear, Super and Sparkle. Our job is to get to know each of our cups and what is required in filling them; this will allow you to move more efficiently through your mode.

Like bear mode is lovey to rest; however, if you have a full-time job, kids, and family commitments, you do not have time to have a week off and rest.

Another great example is to think of your life as a business; not saying your life is a business actually; however, the below description is useful:

CEO – which is your wild cup.

Board of Directors- which is your bear cup.

Operation Manager- which is your super cup.

Head of People and Culture- which is your sparkly cup.

They all have a job to do. However, they will vary when they do their jobs.

The CEO, the wild woman, sets strategy to drive you forward to your next level and not fuss on how; she is more important about the visions.

Then once this has been completed, the board of directors the bear cup, they will review and pick up the strategy to see if this is safe and the right course of action.

Then comes the operation manager- the super cup, it will have the strategy after the board of director approved it and set up actionable steps and achieving what is required. This stage is all about details and problem-solving.

Then the head of people and culture sees the team is feeling well and your wellness has been taken care of.

The reason for these modes is there is balance and growth in your life, there is action, and then there is pause too. This allows an inbuilt personal growth system. If all are running well, then life runs much smoother.

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“It’s time to create a new way of being. So many people are suffering in silence. They’ve forgotten how good life is supposed to feel- or maybe they never even knew.” Carlie Maree
“Know which mode you’re in, and you’ll know which cup needs filling. Fill it up and you will feel good.” Carlie Maree

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