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Review Center-A 30-day Yoga Journey with Adriene

Are you looking for a practice that can take care of your mind, body, and soul? Where the instructor can guide you through the practice of Yoga regardless of whether you are a beginner, immediate or advanced level.
Review Center-A 30-day Yoga Journey with Adriene
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Are you looking for a practice that can take care of your mind, body, and soul? Where the instructor can guide you through the practice of Yoga regardless of whether you are a beginner, immediate or advanced level.

Finding your center means connecting with your spirit/soul! Your center is that intangible place located within your core that is the best.


Adriene's yoga journey is suitable for all levels and designed for the whole mind, body and soul. Adriene offers modifications and enhancements for individuals far and wide to practice and meet them where they are. The Center focuses on whole-body strengthening with core-centred practices. It is breath led and crafted like a good book. Each practice prepares you for the next. This practice is from Adriene's heart to yours and the whole community. Everyone is doing Yoga together in their own homes. At the beginning of the journey, she said she was honoured to be your guide through these 30 days of the Center yoga journey.

The three most important aspects of Yoga are:

  • Alignment
  • Focus and
  • Breathing


  • Wear something comfortable.
  • If you have a yoga mat, that is great; if you don't, a hard or carpet floor is fine.
  • If you have a yoga block, keep it handy if you don’t, then grab a book or something similar.
  • Towel and blanket are helpful in some practices.

It is essential to schedule when you be doing these practices, whether you are doing them daily, four times are week or twice a week; it doesn't matter the quantities; what is more critical is the schedule.

What to expect:

Expect to learn new things, go deeper in your practice, discover how to absorb your self-care, befriend Benji the dog, and practice Yoga, meditation, breathwork, self-massage, affirmation, sweat, stillness, and laughter. Adriene will also start most practice with a mantra, which I enjoy.

What I think of this 30-day Yoga Journey Center

When I do Yoga with Adriene, I do not find it a chore or something I don't want to do; it is something I look forward to, like meeting a friend for coffee to chat. As we are practicing Yoga together, she gives you some hidden gems throughout the lessons.

I would love to do this daily; however, with the other exercise I also do, like the gym, 10 x and other activities, fitting it into my schedule of 3 times a week is manageable to me. I am also in the office three days a week for work; I know when I commit to something, I will do it. It works for me to do 3-4 practices per week.

Ideally, you could do this practice daily if you can schedule this into your lifestyle.

Find what works for you and do it!

This is the eighth year that Adriene has made a 30-day yoga journey; I have done some of the others and found them very beneficial. I have been practising with Adriene for three years now and have learn so much in this time.

Doing this in front of the mirror is best so you can check if you're doing the poses correctly; never push the body to more than it can; flexibility will grow with time.

Another option is to watch it on the big screen on your TV instead of the phone or tablet.

Adriene incorporates restorative yoga days and other more intense days; this way, you get a bit of everything. Please remember that restorative days should be completed; they are just as important to your mind and body as the other days.

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Little about Adriene

Adriene Mishler, known as the people’s yogi, has 4 million subscribers and hundreds of thousands more watching free weekly videos. She is certified by the Austin-based National Yoga Alliance school in Hatha Yoga.

When doing yoga with her, you want to be her friend, and you feel that she is there with you for real, not just on the screen.

She is funny, has a beautiful heart and meets everyone at the level they are. She always said the hardest part is showing up; once that is done, just enjoy and move your body the best way you can, with love and care!

I really appreciate Adriene’s softness on the mat.

She has built a community with her yoga journey. The demand for this was so much higher during the COVID time as we were not allowed to leave our homes, and the gyms were closed.

Who should do this Yoga Journey?

This 30 days Center program is for everyone; if you can commit and do it daily, that be awesome. However, if you cannot commit to that, which I cannot do each day, I do it 3-4 times a week, and I am happy with that. The lesson are typically 20-30 minutes; I would recommend scheduling the times you be doing this, whether you prefer the morning, if you work from home, you could do it during your lunch break, or if the evening suits you better, that is an option too.

I always have the belief that something is always better than nothing.

This practice is designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance while great for beginners too.

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Benefits of Yoga:

  • Improve self-confident.
  • Lubricate joints, and loose, tight muscles, strengthen your neural signals,
  • Build healthy tissues throughout the body.
  • Restore resilience in muscles, emotions and thinking.
  • Improve lung capacity and strengthen breathing muscles.
  • It could improve your quality of sleep.
  • It could decrease the chances of getting burnout.
  • It can make you happier; studies have shown that the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels increase after just an hour of Yoga.
  • It could boost your health and immunity.
  • It could improve your balance and promote better posture and body awareness.
  • Improvements in brain functioning.
  • Practice can help build muscle, increase metabolism, breathe deeply, and increase circulation.

Do you want a healthier heart?

Would you like to change the brain chemistry and improve your mood?

What are you waiting for!!

Start some yoga!

Top Quotes

Adriene Mishler Quotes below:

“Find what feels good."
The awesome in me bows to the awesome in you."
“Move from a place of connect."
“Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out.”
“Yoga is really the art of waking up. It can be that simple."
“My to do list for today:
-count my blessings
-practice kindness
-let go of what I can’t control
-listen to my heart
-be productive yet calm
-just breathe."
“Present and awake.
Love yourself.
Love your neighbor
Move from a place of connect.
Present and awake.
May all beings be free and happy."
“There’s no cheating in yoga, you make it your own."
‘May you give yourself permission to explore what it feels like to move from the energy center of the heart."
“Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration." Dr. Nevins.
Yoga class at morning
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About the program

This practice teaches us how to be on the mat and can also be how we are off the mat. By investing in our mind, body, and soul daily, we could bring the best of us to the outside and inside world.

This yoga practice will make you stronger and more flexible and provide you with a sense of calm that we all need.

If you have little kids with you who are awake and want to join you, get them involved.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What lesson do I need to learn from my past, and what accompanying pain do I need to let go of?
  2. How have you shown up for yourself this week?

3.      Have you given yourself permission to explore what it feels like to move from the energy center of the heart?

4.      How can I create a sense of play, on and off the mat?

My six favourite lessons

Day 1 Show up:

Showing up is the most challenging; however, with Adriene, it is easy. This is a simple practice for anyone at any level.

Day 5 Hug:

This is a great big hug, which feels fantastic. Adriene supports you in working on your flexibility.

Day 8 Melt:

This is a restorative practice, a softening day for you to find some stillness. Some props are helpful but optional. Such things as blankets and pillows which invites this practice to be cosy.

Day 9 Corazon:

This is heart-centering practice; corazon in Spanish means heart. This practice invites you to move from the energy centre of the heart.

Day 26 Connect:

In this practice, Adriene teaches you how you show up for yourself and how this affects your health and happiness.

Day 30 Return:

Adriene tradition is no microphone on this practice, she will do the practice, and you can watch them all. However, she won’t speak. Instead, she encourages you not to look at her too much and do what is best for your body that day.

This shows that you can trust yourself and do it. It is a great feeling once you get to day 30, a feeling of achievement.

What I didn’t like about the program

I can’t say anything I didn’t like in this program.

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To Conclude

I would invite everyone to try this practice and see how you go; if you’re not enjoying this practice by Day 15, you could stop. However, I don’t think you will stop, as you see the benefits this practice has given you.

Enjoy the journey, and don’t worry about the destination.

It is lovely to be in the community that Adriene has built with these Yoga practices. You feel encouraged and committed to doing these practices to the end. Find what feels good to you today; each day is different.

This Center journey is fun and challenging, and I look forward to doing this as often as possible.

This is the first time I did the practices with everyone, as I usually do them throughout the year; it is in January each year she brings these out.

I will, for the year 2024, make the 30 days yoga journey in 30 days and leave my other exercises aside if need be. As this year I took nearly 60 days to complete a 30-day program.

While the research is still young, the results are promising and confirm what yoga practitioners have been advising for thousands of years: Yoga is beneficial for our overall health.

Find the modality that works best for you, and remember:

Investing in a yoga practice is investing in you!

You are worth it!!!

Check out the full journey:

Adriene has letters if you are interested in subscribing to them; here is a part of this:


I have signed up for this!

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