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Blog 51: Becoming Limitless with Jessica Read

Embark on a transformative journey with Jessica Read, your holistic well-being and business guide. Discover her holistic approach to success, diving deep into personal and professional growth.
Blog 51: Becoming Limitless with Jessica Read
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Embark on a transformative journey with Jessica Read, your holistic well-being and business guide. Discover her holistic approach to success, diving deep into personal and professional growth. In this empowering adventure, explore insights and strategies for holistic living and entrepreneurial triumph.

Happy Easter,

As we celebrate this season of renewal and rebirth, let's embrace the fresh energy it brings. Whether it's a moment of quiet reflection, a joyful gathering with loved ones, or simply indulging in some chocolatey treats, let this Easter remind us of the beauty in new beginnings and the joy of nurturing our inner growth.

May your long weekend be filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of the spring sunshine. Here's to blossoming in every aspect of our lives!

Don't forget to take a moment for yourself this long weekend, to breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Sending you all loads of love and positive vibes!


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Let's introduce Jessica Read, your go-to guru for holistic well-being and business triumphs. With her holistic business mentor, EFT practitioner, and hypnotherapist expertise, Jessica guides individuals towards personal and professional growth. She's driven by a passion for helping people discover their full potential and advocates for a holistic approach to success.

Jessica's methods dive deep, sparking profound self-discovery and facilitating meaningful transformations in both personal and professional realms. Whether you're tackling limiting beliefs, searching for purpose, or striving for entrepreneurial success, Jessica's approach is grounded in authenticity and empowerment.

Join Jessica on her journey to inspire and uplift others as she shares invaluable insights and strategies for holistic living and thriving in business. Embark on this transformative journey alongside Jessica and watch your holistic well-being and business aspirations soar.

Jessica, tell me about yourself, your personality, and your passion. How do you serve yourself? Also, how do you serve the community?

Hello, I'm Jessica – a mother to two incredible young girls, a 6/3 Manifesting Generator with a lifelong love for dancing, and a woman who, like many of us, once lost her way. My journey has been self-discovery, a quest to find joy, laughter, and, ultimately, myself again. This path has ignited a deep passion within me for holistic healing and dedication to guiding women to unlock the next-level version of themselves. A version that embodies safety, authenticity, and profound feeling in a world that too often forgets the importance of genuinely experiencing our emotions.

You'll find me out in nature or by the beach, soaking in the serene vibes (every chance I get to travel there.) In these moments of tranquillity, I find my own peace and recalibration. I believe I possess a superpower – the ability to hold space for others, to see beneath the surface where true emotions and stories lie, and a unique gift to understand multiple perspectives.

As someone deeply passionate about creating transformative experiences in others' lives, I am pioneering a movement that enables women to feel fully and deeply, heal generationally and live authentically.

I serve my community through my alternative therapies and mentoring business. Describing myself can be a puzzle, but 'fun,' 'empathetic,' and 'compassionate' (with a hint of sarcasm) always fit perfectly. These qualities, combined with my role as a leader and role model in the holistic healing space, drive me to support others in navigating their journey of self-discovery, healing and business growth.

10 Questions for Jessica

Jessica excels at verbal communication, so feel free to choose the option that suits you best—whether it's listening or reading. I would highly recommend you listening to the audio!


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  1. What led you to become a holistic business mentor, EFT practitioner, and hypnotherapist?

So, let's dive into your questions, the first being what led me to become a holistic business mentor. EFT practitioner and hypnotherapist. This has been a journey for me.

One that really started with my own health and wellbeing. When it was the beginning of 2020, I was on maternity leave with my youngest. And leading into that, I had been living in the greatest panic disorder that I had ever experienced. It had been building and building for years. Before my second pregnancy, I was. Running a team, completely dissociated.

I was having all sorts of health issues, really functioning from a very dysregulated nervous system. Working far more hours than I should have been that whole nine to five, but it's really. Eight till six or even longer hours than that. I had a very high-responsibility job.

I had a team of 48 staff who reported to me. And I was burning out. Now, couple that with the medical trauma that I had from a pulmonary embolism and other medical conditions and things that had happened. I ended up living in this chronic state of panic disorder. And what happened from there was I had Amelia, my second child. And when she was born, it was January of 2020, and we had those awful bushfires. And so, my panic was even more heightened.

 I was getting by. Day to day. I had my oldest to look after as well. And I was on maternity leave. And it was almost like once the responsibility of the job stopped, my body was just like, okay, now, I can't do this anymore.

Now we're going to feel the full force of everything that you've been suppressing, everything that you've been neglecting to deal with. We're going to feel the full force of that because my body had been communicating with me on various topics for years and years. And I just didn't listen. I had Amelia, and I was in a state of panic attack. And it was probably around March or April.

It was just before COVID hit, and we all got thrown into lockdown. So, I am trying to remember exactly when that was, but. I was scrolling Instagram, and I'd been using many holistic techniques to support myself. I had been going to acupuncture twice a week. And all of these other things to try and feel better. And. Whilst I was getting some relief.

 I just was so desperate to feel normal. So, I was scrolling Instagram one day. And I came across a post about EFT. And it was something like, if you're feeling anxious during lockdown, Try this thing. And I was like, I'm desperate. I'll try anything. So, I started tapping, and to my surprise, I started getting some relief from the feeling of doom in my body, from the chronic anxiety from the constant feelings of panic; I started to get some relief.  And the more I tapped in, the more I learned about EFT, and the more I realised that this was a tool use I could use. Take into my job with me. And self-heal with and support my support staff because, at this stage, I was just on maternity leave. So, I enrolled in our practitioner training.

 That was a dual life coach and practitioner training. And it's an advanced training. It was well over 12 months. Part of that required working with. As part of your practice hours, other people worked 30 hours or something working with other people. At that moment, I realised that I was very skilled at this. I realised that I had this ability to heal not only for myself but also for others. Support myself, too. I self-regulate, self-soothe, and support my kids with this technique. But I could make a big difference other people’s life. So, I kept extending my leave. And I didn't go back.

I never went back. But it took me a little bit of time to go through that whole mindset shift. Letting go of the security of the job. So, EFT, the ASA practitioner, I had other qualifications because I became really fascinated. With mind, body. Holistic health. I became really fascinated with the body and mind.

I became fascinated with everything to do with our subconscious, which is to do with energy. And so, I have done more qualifications, meditation therapist and holistic human development. Body-mind practitioner.

Holistic counselling. And then hypnotherapy, which was, again, an in-depth trauma-focused hypnotherapy, Diploma. That also brought me into psychotherapy, which brought me into gestalt counselling, which brought me into all these amazing holistic modalities that I get to combine now to meet my clients where they are.

So, when I first started working my business, I started working primarily with stress reduction and trauma. As the years have progressed, my niching has progressed. I realised that there were a lot of people who were naturally drawn to me because of the things that I was doing in my business. The way that my business was growing, the way I was showing up, and the things that I was implementing because of all the mentoring and things I've invested in. Before I knew it, I realised that most of my clients were women in business. And I shied away from working with women in business for a long time. Specifically, because I was scared. I didn't want to label myself a business coach. And I still don't. What I do, though, is work with these women who really want to be released. The identity that is not serving them, who wants to heal emotionally so they can become better business owners. And who wants to implement a strength-led strategy that incorporates their personal evolution, which is essential. It incorporates their energy management, which again is also completely essential.

And I don't just mean your physical energy. Your spiritual energy. It works directly with the subconscious mind and the body to make these deep, lasting changes. So, we can nurture your business and the human behind your business. And I just love that I can integrate that as a holistic business mentor.

2.      How do you integrate hypnotherapy into your practice, and what are some common misconceptions about hypnosis?

How I integrate hypnotherapy into my practice and some common misconceptions around hypnosis. In every One-on-one session that I have, I meet a client where they are. And so that might mean that hypnotherapy is the best tool for them at that moment, or tapping EFT is the best tool at that moment.

It might be that we are. Coaching, it might be that we're mentoring. It could be more of a counselling session. It depends on what the client needs at that moment. In some of my online programs, I use hypnotherapy as a tool to help. Strengthen the healing that the clients are doing. So, for example, in embodied entrepreneur, for every month, as somebody works through these deeper layers around, say, let's say, for example, there is authority in what they're doing and their self-belief as they get deeper and deeper into that. And they bring more to their awareness. Then, we use this hypnosis. Nightly or daily, preferably, so that we can really strengthen that messaging within the subconscious mind. And some of the misconceptions that I have heard about hypnosis. Hypnosis. Is not magic. I will say it's like anything.

It takes time to strengthen the neural pathways and work with the layers. So, I have net people who think that they're going to come in and have a hypnosis session, and then they're going to magically just feel better and never do things again that they were doing all that they wanted to work on.

And that's not the case. It absolutely can have a rapid effect. Yes. But you didn't accept any hypnosis suggestions that you're not ready to accept. For example, if we are working on our self-worth. And you have a belief or a trauma that needs to be shifted. This is why it's amazing that we can combine holistic therapy with alternative therapy. With Kart chain with mentoring. If you have a belief or a trauma that needs to be shifted, something that is still living in your body that needs to be dealt with. That land must be dealt with for the hypnosis to be effective. And you can deal with that layer with hypnosis.

So, if we talk about hypnosis, I describe it more as an audio track, as something, a process you go through. But if we talk about hypnotherapy, it is very tailored to the client's needs. Hypnotherapy. Is combining your therapy under hypnosis. So, you can communicate directly with the subconscious mind and bypass that. Critical thinking brain that has stories. So, there are misconceptions that I hear about hypnosis being the same as meditation. It is definitely not. Hypnosis will take you into a much, much deeper state of consciousness.

Again, it directly addresses issues that you are ready for. To deal with it, and you are ready to change. Effectively having therapy. In that deep trance state.

So, I'll integrate hypnotherapy again in client sessions. One-on-one. I will create hypnosis audio tracks based on what we have done in our private session to strengthen those pathways. One of the other misconceptions that I hear a lot is not so much here a lot, but it's definitely something there's a fear around hypnosis because of all the things that we've seen on TV around mind control. And it stayed hypnosis and hypnotherapy are two very different things. And I will tell you, you are always in control of hypnosis. I could not tell you to start quacking like a duck if you did not want to start quacking like a duck. So, there is absolutely no way that we can control your mind. If a suggestion is made that doesn't resonate with you. You won't accept it. You are always in full control.

3.      What inspired you to focus on holistic approaches to business mentoring?

For every business that is created for every energy of a business that is created. If you are in my world, I talk about co-creation. And your business is a separate entity, so you do something that I very much believe in. And. And work on that theory with my clients and with my own business.

When we are looking at. Business mentoring. I don't just look at it. Your business and your strategy. As your metrics of success. Holistic approaches to business mentoring are considered. The human behind the business. It takes into account the state of your nervous system. It takes into account the state or the kinds of thoughts that you are telling yourself.

Again, those beliefs that subconscious programming takes into account. Yes, absolutely. Your strategy. But. Is it a cookie-cutter strategy, or is it a strength-led strategy? Is it a strategy that actually plays to your unique energy, whether it be your human design, your cycle, or your natural energetic flow? Within your body, does it play to your season of life? At the moment.

Having a holistic approach. To your business. It is the key. The absolute key to unlocking. The freedom. The spaciousness. The impact. Because it is not just about the business and the business strategy.

And I guess what inspired me to focus on that was my own experience. Not only in this business. But in business that I've previously run. Business I've previously created.

You can't just look at the strategy. We need to look at you as a human who is implementing the strategy. You as the capacity to show up as a leader. You as the capacity to co-create with your business and set your business up so that it keeps going when you need time to be human.

And because I feel so, so passionately. About doing things differently. Creating a life and a business that is not on autopilot. That is not defaulting to a stress response. That doesn't create burnout that works with you that you co-create with. A business that allows you to be human and go through the ups and downs and the challenges of that. And because I very much nurture the human behind the business. And then, in my private mentoring and my mastermind container, we move into the strengths-led strategy.

Get results, but also knowing that is how you are truly going to embody the version of the business that you want to be creating.

And knowing what kind of impact that has on people and what kind of freedom that creates for people. What kind of joy and fulfilment does that create for people?

Focusing on a holistic approach to business mentoring is a big inspiration.

4.      How do I tailor the mentoring approach to the unique needs of a client?

It really depends on where they are on their journey. I would just meet them exactly where they're at, where their body is at. Their body will tell me what's going on. It never lies. It always knows.

So, when I work with a private mentor, I spend a lot of time getting to know them. We have a conversation first to make sure that we have good energy for each other and to make sure that I am what they need because some people are at a point where they really are looking for that real, a specific scaling strategy or a specific type of marketing or something that I don't specialise in.

And that's important. I need to know as well. Before I work with somebody, can I actually help them? That's what I'm offering. I'm going to help them.

And I have. Then, we spent 90 minutes together during our first session. Really getting clear on where someone is at and what they need. And each session is so different. That I really do. Just meet someone where they are when they are coming in. An example of this is that recently, I had a client working on creating clarity in her business. Two of our sessions have been personal. Again, the reason is that a human is behind the company. She must also heal her nervous system, deal with her emotions and uplevel her mindset. Releasing any core beliefs or trauma that is stuck in her body. It will enable her to hold onto the strategy she is trying to implement.

So, I am very intuitive.

I am very adaptable, and I have a large tool kit. I can bring emotional and strategic support to mentoring for each of my client.  And everybody is different. Everybody's business is unique. Every single person that I work with is so beautifully unique. That is a one-size-fits-all mentoring approach and a one-size-fits-all soul. Strategy approach in a one-size-fits-all healing approach. It isn't going to work.

I have also created different containers to meet the needs of different clients. So, I have my private containers, which are primarily full of women who want that elevation in their healing and growth, both personally and professionally. In my private space, I have a more alternative therapy-focused container.

And then one that seamlessly combines the mentoring. So that we can again bring the business in and look at everything as one big job, then, I have my monthly tapping circles to meet the women who want to elevate their emotional state. Who wants your practice? Regular self-care. Because EFT has been proven to lower cortisol levels by around 43% in just one hour of tapping, which is really amazing. We also have this monthly tapping circle with online audio to which these women can listen. To bring more intention into their life to come off autopilot to manage challenging emotions. And to do this in a way that is self-led and self-applied. But also coming together once a month for our beautiful circle. Then, I have two more business-specific containers. And the embodied entrepreneur is one of them. The embodied entrepreneur is for the woman in business. Who is ready to dive deep into that internal programming? She is ready to [00:21:00] cultivate the self-belief. And an internal world.

So, her thoughts, perceptions, and nervous system are going to support her in holding her version of success. So, it is. Very much the ultimate personal development for the woman in business. And then I've caught my mastermind, which is more specifically for coaches, healers, and service providers who are on the edge of their next expansion.

And they want a holistic approach to growth. So, we focus on the mastermind in personal development and personal evolution. And energy management and strengths-led strategy. In that container, I am also supported by my beautiful business strategist friend and a human design expert. That container is very holistic; it is next level. It is for those on that edge of their expansion, whatever that next expansion might be, specifically in that coaching, healing and service-based space. So, to tailor my mentoring approach to each client. First of all, it is unique.

Second, there are various levels of containers to meet clients where they are at personally and professionally, to really elevate their healing and their business.

5.      What role does mindset play in achieving business success, and how do you address mindset issues with your clients?

What role does mindset play in achieving business success? Oh, gosh, everything. And how do I address mindset issues with my clients? So, mindset is everything in business success. It is absolutely everything. And I really can't stress that enough. There are so many different strategies that could work for you.

So many different strategies. And I know there is so much noise out there. That is telling you that the right one. This is going to work. This works for me. I made seven figures from this. Just do X, Y, Z. But if you're trying to follow an Instagram strategy, no matter how proven it is to work. And you have a date, fear of visibility. And that is stopping you from showing up authentically or showing up at all or mismanaging your time.

You may be spending five hours trying to create an Instagram real. You know your mindset around this. Your internal programming, your deep beliefs that live in your subconscious mind, which is all through your body's cells. That will always bring you back to what feels safe for your nervous system. And for you to have a mindset and a set of beliefs. And create safety within your nervous system. What does success mean to you, and what steps do you need to take to get there? That will be the difference as to whether or not a strategy works for you. You might be chasing; you might be constantly chasing the next course.

The next course, this one, will work for me. This is the one that will work for me. This is the one that will work for me. Guess what? Again, without that mindset, without that self-belief, without that confidence. Without addressing the beliefs that keep you. From self-sabotaging, those strategies. Without looking at what we need to develop a mindset around what is unique to us and what is not, what is Unique about us, what beautiful skill set, and what energy we have because of all of this. That is a strength side strategy that you need to be following.

There is no point in starting a podcast. Suppose your strength is in blog writing. So, your mindset plays a huge part. In your business success? I would probably say 90% if I were going to. Take a wild stab. I would say wild guess I would say. 90% of success. Comes from your mind, your internal programming. Here is where I look at things more holistically. We're not just looking at mindset; we're looking at our whole body. Our subconscious mind resides in the trillions of cells in our body. So, I am looking at how the body is responding. As well as the thoughts because, quite often, the thoughts determine our mindset. They are running on autopilot.

They are habitual ways of thinking that we are just so used to firing off. We have around on known. They say now, 60,000 thoughts a day. It's a lot. Even if it's 12,000, it's a lot. And all of those thoughts. 95% of them are repeated, and that's because we have formed neuropathways.

For habitual thought patterns.

For most people, 80% of those thoughts are negative. So, knowing that our mind sometimes can be working against us and is totally reprogrammable, no matter what your story. But knowing that quite often, bringing in the somatics can speed up the process and have a deeper lasting impact.

So, bring in your body and your energetics. Then, that holistic approach is going to come into mindset.

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6.      Can you provide practical tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners?

Can I provide practical tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners? When we are coming into our business, we so often.

 Yeah. The first practical tip to is to look at your mindset and thoughts. When we come into business, we come in from a conditioned way of working. We are coming into our business, and maybe still in our job. We may be so used to trading that time for money. And we are used to it. Being rewarded for a certain level of output and a certain level of productivity. Now, if you are coming into your business, by the way, that you are co-creating with that, if you are not aware of that, and you are not looking at what your strengths are and you need to look at. The essential needle, moving things, will continue to drain every single bit of your business.

Everything that you have to give it. It will take as much as you want to give it. First of all, look at your mindset and look at the story around you. How to do you create in your business? Are you coming in with that nine-to-five mentality of I need to be busy? And productive to be successful. Because that will lead you to be doing things for the sake of being busy and productive, you'll have this huge list and be on your computer at 10 p.m. And your kids will already be in bed. And you'll be stressed because you wanted to get this done, sadly. After all, you didn't get to put them to sleep. And a little bit even resentful over the fact that you are doing this at night. But actually. A lot of what you're doing didn't need to be done.

A lot of what you were doing was being busy, but it wasn't being productive. So, to maintain a healthy work balance, you will need to set some boundaries. Within your workspace, wherever that may choose to be within the time that you allow yourself. But also, within your own. Mind. And with how you've been conditioned to work previously, you need to set some boundaries. You need to be coming into your business with a regulated nervous system if you are working on your lunch break at your business. Or that you only have between school drop-off and pickup or nap time or a certain period. And you come in feeling rushed and pressured. Then, you are not going to be productive. You need to be in a parasympathetic state, which is a rest and digestion opposite to stress response, a nervous system state. To be productive in your business. And that's where the concept of slowing down to speed up comes in. That's where we say, okay, I will take five minutes.

Yes. I only have an hour, but I'm going to take five minutes to breathe deeply to come into my body and regulate. Maybe I do some tapping. Maybe I breathe. Maybe I listen to a quick five-minute focus meditation. Maybe I follow along to one of Jess's audios in the tapping circle.

But what that's doing is allowing you to access the part of your brain that you need to think logically, strategically, and creatively. And that part of your brain is harder to access. We get brain fog, we procrastinate, we can't focus. And we end up spending that lunch hour trying to create one Instagram real instead of spending our energy on something that will move our needle forward. That is because we have a dysregulated nervous system. Doing this allows you to get more done within your time.

So, it's not about creating more time. It's about doing more with that time. But again, coming from a place of regulation, slow down to speed up. Then you will find. That there is not as much to do. When it comes to the time you said, okay, I'm going to go back to my room. I'm going to stop working now.

And I'm going to spend time with my family. We are not coming from a place of stress. We're not coming from a place of anxiety. We're not coming from a place of lack or fear. Or attachment to productivity. We're coming from a place of knowing that we created the best quality we could. And we were clear, and we were focused, and we absolutely powered it out. We're regulated, which makes switching off easier.

So, when we have what, when we talk about work-life balance, you actually need to create that doesn't magically happen for you. Your job, your business, it could keep sucking you dry. If you want a work-life balance, you need to prioritise that. And you need to do what we call a CEO calendar, where you first look at your calendar. Of the things that you value, if you say you value exercise, schedule that time.

And if you say you value meditation, schedule that time. If you say that you're going to eat well and cook homemade meals, schedule the time to cook them, schedule the time to grocery shop, and schedule the time with your family. Put that on your calendar first. Because if you don't prioritise the things that you value, you won't get to them.

You have a choice when it comes to work-life balance. You get to create it. You are the driver of this vehicle.

Prioritise yourself, prioritise movement. Prioritise water. Prioritise sleeping. Prioritise breathing. Prioritise good nutrition. All these things are going to lead to your capacity. To assist your stress response. To be more regulated and calmer in what you are doing, day-to-day in your business, which again will help you. To be able to switch off. Because you haven't got this lingering to-do list that you couldn't even touch because you were coming in so dysregulated.

7.      How do you stay grounded and maintain your wellbeing while supporting others on their healing and growth journeys?

So, how do I stay grounded? I have a daily practice. That is essential. Absolutely essential. I implement routines and rituals in my day. There are non-negotiables, so I work with some really fun things and some really heavy things. And for me to be able to hold that space, I have had to do and continue to do a lot of internal work.

Very much. Have been on my healing journey for quite a few years. I work daily on regulating my nervous system. I prioritise it in my business. I work with a business coach.  So, I've got two amazing coaches. Two containers that I am part of holds me and my business. And I also work with my own alternative therapist to keep me personally. That is also partly why I've created these containers that can hold both; I know the importance of being able to support both. So, these rituals are my daily energy routine. It involves tapping and involves energy medicine. Movement. At least five times a week is really important. Listening to my body. Learning for me.

What a yes and a no feels like living my day-to-day by my human design or authority and strategy. This is how I stay grounded and maintain my well-being because things happen even to people like me; I'm not immune to human challenges, emotions, daily stress, and big stress and grief. I'm not immune to any of that. However, I do implement the tools that I teach in daily practice. So that I can stay grounded and hold space for others on their healing and growth journey, I am continually learning. I'm constantly excited to dive into the next belief and challenge because I know that the other side of those challenges is my next level.

And that really excites me.

So, I try to spend as much time in nature as I can. I clear my energy between every client session and at the beginning and end of every day.

And these. I non-negotiables. I drink litres of water every day. These are just non-negotiables. That has taken time and practice to implement. But now that I have. I'm not that coach or that therapist or that practitioner, that is. She is on the verge of burnout or being triggered by her clients. I can hold space. For a multitude of emotions and states.

Because I look after myself because I do that at work, and I can hold space for that limitless business mindset because I share that mindset now.

I'm not the person who's going to say to you. Let's not aim for a million dollars. Let's not name for two. I'm the person who's going to say, how do we get there?

Because it is all possible for you, I believe healing is possible, growth is possible, and the impact-driven business of your dreams is possible.

8.      What advice would you give someone interested in exploring holistic personal and professional development approaches?

I would encourage them. I would encourage you. Really come at it with an open mind. It is a different experience. You may be used to a traditional talk therapy experience. You might be used to a traditional coaching experience where you're not. Involving the body where you're not involving your energy.

Where you are not being challenged to go so deep, so quickly, I would say be open to what is possible because things like EFT, for example, have been proven to have lasting changes over the last 30 years in areas not only of stress management but also of personal development and improvement. Dr. Peter Stapleton has said this in her book The Science Behind Tapping.

Once you effectively deal with an issue with EFT, it's not likely you'll have to deal with that issue again. This is a powerful statement.

But these approaches, in my opinion and personal experience, are also good. And the experience now with hundreds of clients,

 When we integrate. Cognitive approach with the somatic. With energetics. We get this more profound, lasting healing effect and these deeper, lasting changes when working directly with the subconscious. And I know if you're new to it, it can feel weird. It can feel foreign. It could feel. It feels different. And again, that's just your nervous system saying, hey, I'm not used to this. But sometimes, a different approach is exactly what you need.

Especially if you've been cycling the same approach for a while, it has to be working for you. Or it's gotten you as far as it could. And now you're ready to go deeper and work holistically—with yourself as a whole—mind-body—spirit energy.

9.      I am so excited about your Embodied Entrepreneur, which I will start in March. How did you develop this idea, what are you offering to your clients, and what do you hope they achieve here?

I am so excited to have you here in Embodied entrepreneur. I love this question. Being an embodied entrepreneur came to me from really spending time observing these amazing women I'm working with, working with my mastermind, and working one-on-one. And observing. These are the core foundational identity pieces that I genuinely believe in. We're missing. You know that authority. Of whom I am to be doing what I am doing. Of knowing your unique strengths and your unique skills. Of developing that self-belief. Of developing different mindsets around time and around money.

 All of this and really for an impact-driven business right now, which I work with, I would say very impact-driven women. So many of them are impact-driven but not connected deeply to their purpose and not connected to that ripple effect. And so, when I looked at this missing piece, these women who are ready to scale. These women who are ready to hire these women who are ready to start their business. These women are ready for their next level of expansion. The common thread that was missing. It was the fact that they still needed to embody their version of success. They wanted, they consciously wanted, these outcomes. However, subconsciously, their programming still needs to support it.

That led to frustration, self-themes, self-sabotaging, and really self-imposed limitations. Even though they believed they were external. So, I created embodied entrepreneur as a way for women to really focus on. That CEO mindset embodies not just the mindset but also embodying it. Because remember I spoke about. This is a holistic space where our thoughts don't just impact our minds. They impact our bodies as well. And so, if we are making changes on the subconscious level, we are making changes in our nervous system. We are making changes in our cells and in our body. We're doing this and embody entrepreneurs as we work through these, Core layers.

What is a core layer. What I've observed are the missing pieces. To someone really being able to embody their version of success and feel safe, visible, and safe to create the business and believe in themselves enough. To create the company that they want to create. And the income they want to create, the outcomes for their family, and the life they want to create. My hope is that through this four-month program, which is mostly self-paced online. Then we've got our Slack channel for support as well.

So, you do get me in Slack for that coaching, support, and a monthly integration call. We come together to move you through where you are stuck and what is challenging you, bringing in a combination of alternative therapies and coaching to help you move through.

What I really hope is that by the end of these four months, the women will be through this program and have this newfound state of self-belief, confidence, and clarity in exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. And why this is bigger than them. Why this fall into purpose.

I hope that they have cultivated the internal resources. To back themselves fully and create the outcomes in their businesses that they want to create because they are. Embodying their version of success.

10.Something I Wish People Knew About Me?

Something. I wish people knew about me. Oh gosh.

Friendly and approachable. Please come and have a conversation. I love chatting. Absolutely love chatting, and I am very approachable.

So don't be shy. Don't be standoffish; come and say hi.

If people are interested in following you, please provide your details: 

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Top Quotes

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Jessica like these quote:

"Business is a spiritual pursuit. Your business will not grow unless you grow as a person" Tony Robbins

"If you change nothing, nothing will change." Unknown

Below are the quotes I like on this topic:

“The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.” Anonymous


“Healthy outside starts from the inside.” Robert Urich

“Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything going in and out of your body, mind, and spirit. Richard Schulze


The groundwork of all happiness is health.” Leight Hunt

Questions and Reflections

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  1. Question: How does Jessica's journey of self-discovery resonate with your own experiences or aspirations?

Reflection: Take a moment to reflect on moments in your life where you've felt lost or disconnected. What steps can you take to embark on your journey of self-discovery and rediscovery?

  1. Question: What aspects of Jessica's approach to holistic healing and guiding women towards their next-level selves resonate with you?

Reflection: Consider the role of holistic practices in your well-being journey. How can incorporating holistic healing techniques enhance your emotional authenticity and overall wellness?

  1. Question: Jessica describes herself as 'fun,' 'empathetic,' and 'compassionate.' How do these qualities align with the support you seek in your growth journey?

Reflection: Reflect on the qualities you value in a mentor or guide. How can seeking support from someone who embodies these traits contribute to your journey of self-discovery, healing, and business growth?

Explore Holistic Healing: Dive into the world of holistic healing and discover practices that promote emotional well-being and authenticity. Explore Jessica's alternative therapies and mentoring services to start your healing journey.


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In conclusion, Jessica Read's journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the transformative potential of holistic healing. As a mother, manifesting generator, and advocate for personal growth, Jessica's story resonates deeply with those navigating their paths of rediscovery and authenticity.

Her commitment to guiding women towards unlocking their next-level selves reflects a profound dedication to creating transformative experiences. Through her alternative therapies and mentoring business, Jessica is a beacon of compassion, empathy, and authenticity, empowering others to heal, grow, and thrive.

Jessica's journey reminds us to embrace our unique superpowers and create space for genuine connection and understanding. As we journey alongside Jessica, let us embrace the essence of holistic healing, self-discovery, and the pursuit of authenticity in our lives.

 Together, we can navigate the complexities of personal growth, healing, and business growth, inspired by Jessica's resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to living authentically.

Connect and Engage: Connect with Jessica and her community to share your experiences, thoughts, and challenges. Let's come together in a supportive environment where we can inspire and uplift each other on our paths to self-discovery, healing, and growth.

Check this Podcast of Jessica it is worth a listen; I think I have already listened to this three times and each time I learn something new:

Embodied Entrepreneur Program

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I'm excited to enhance my ability to support my clients by creating even more space for them, meeting them right where they are, and guiding them towards transformative growth through coaching. Plus, I'll share valuable insights through my blogs to empower them on their journey. Stay tuned because I'm also gearing up to launch a membership program designed explicitly for mums like you!

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Journal Prompts

Reflecting on Authenticity: Take a moment to journal about a time when you felt most authentic. What were the circumstances surrounding this moment? How did it make you think, and what did you learn about yourself from that experience?
Exploring Superpowers: Consider your unique qualities and strengths, your "superpowers." Write down three attributes and reflect on how they have influenced your life and interactions with others. How can you harness these superpowers to navigate challenges and pursue your passions more effectively?
Embracing Holistic Healing: Reflect on your relationship with holistic healing practices and their impact on your well-being. Have you explored alternative therapies or wellness modalities in the past? If so, what were your experiences like? If not, what interests or curiosities do you have about incorporated holistic approaches into your self-care routine?