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Sixth Sense Superpower Course by Sonia Choquette Review

Learning to harness your superpower; we all have it. However, it has been dormant for so long that we have forgotten how to use our superpower!

This course is fantastic and makes you feel great, it has been designed in bite-size lessons daily, and you only need about 30-40 minutes per day to complete it. This course takes up to three weeks to complete when doing the exercises from the lessons daily; best to play full out, not half doing it, as you will get different results. Best to set aside 30-40 minutes daily for this course.

It feels better when you tap into your six senses; we all have this, whether you allow this to come into your life and open to hearing what it has to say. Your intuition is not loud; it is like a whisper. However, it would help if you were quiet to listen to this.

What I think of this course

I enjoyed this course; I am a fan of Sonia; I love her bubbling personality and her stories, they are so interesting, and she tells them so well; they are very engaging.

What is the definition of weird? It means supernatural and unearthly, out of the world. I would consider someone calling me weird as a compliment, not an insult! What about you?

Please pay attention to what people are saying, and what they are not saying, and the vibration you feel. We are all givers and receivers of vibration.

This course will teach you how to be intuitive and how to play full out; you do not need to practice these exercises every day; however, make them a part of your life, not something you do occasionally. However, I recommend quieting your mind daily for at least 5-10 minutes.

We all have three brains; did you know that?

We have the head brain, the heart brain, and the gut brain; they are all communicating together daily.

Trust your heart; your heart always knows what is right for you; this doesn’t mean it is easy; it could be challenging. However, your heart knows what you want and what you need.

If you name what your heart wants, you can claim it; if you keep playing small, you will not see your full potential.

Who should do this course?

Everyone should do this course; it is for everyone. When you give a language to your intuition and name it, you can claim this superpower as part of your life! You can choose what you call this; that is your choice.

If you want a life that is for surviving only, then I would not recommend doing this course; if you want an extraordinary life, you should do this one; I highly recommend it.

Do you have a motivation for a change to have a better or different life? If you do, you will be successful in completing this course. They are only baby steps; however, once you start the course, you cannot wait to keep going!

Who offers this course?

This course is offered from Mindvalley; check out the trailer below:


You can do this course on its own, or you can join up for an all-access membership and do as many courses as possible for a year. If you do more than two courses in 12 months, you have made a return on investment (ROI). However, if interested, you could do a new course each month and have completed up to 12 courses in the 12 months. You are learning many soft skills, and you can also share this with your families and friends if you like.

Top Quotes

‘…your imagination is the front door to intuition and wonder is the front door to imagination.” Sonia Choquette

“…expect good things…” Sonia Choquette’s Mum.

“What does your inner voice say.” Sonia Choquette’s Mum.

‘When, you name it, your claim it.” Sonia Choquette

“Meditation ….is a drink at the well…not a job or chore…. Sonia Choquette

“Nobody’s bad vibes are ever invisible.” Sonia Choquette

“…ego or barking dog is that part that’s always defensive and leads your far from your highest self.” Sonia Choquette

“The way it begins is the way it ends.” Chinese saying

“Your intuitive side is your center.” Sonia Choquette

“Dance in the fire.” Sonia Choquette

“Your light helps everybody reflect.” Sonia Choquette

“Intuition is the language of energy.” Sonia Choquette

About the course

This course is amazing; you will go on a wonderful journey for 21 days, be open to new experiences and not think of things being silly and crazy. Just play full out and see where it will take you.

Choose to be grateful for all the people in your life. Also, be grateful for things that have not happened yet.

See how that feels when you exhale with the “ahhh” sound. This is a release – which your body and mind need. It feels great to do this. This would be best to do in private, as you do not want to be doing this at your office.

Think of your intuition as your inner GPS. As a result, you are talking less and listening more.

Stop waiting for approval to do what you want to do; listen to your spirit. Don’t forget to live your life the way you want, not what other people say you should. When you die, your life should be lived on your terms, not what others expect of you.

Do the activities in your life with love, even the chores and boring items; see if you can do them with love. Be grateful; for example, the below:

  • you have a home to clean,
  • you have money to go to the supermarket to buy nurturing food for your family,
  • you are in good health that you can cook and clean for your family,
  • you and your partner work as a team to organise the kids, clean up, cook and spending quality time together.
  • beautiful sunny day and enjoy the sunshine.
  • raining day at the weekend when you can spend the day with your family, watching a movie and enjoying hot chocolate. Or walking in the rain if you like!

If you try always to do things with love, the people around you will feel this energy. But, on the other hand, if you do it with anger or aggression, they can feel this too.

The point of this course is to awaken your sixth sense superpower. Then choose to use this intuitive daily. Be open to your intuition daily!

There are so many things you will learn in this course, see below:

  • How to quiet your mind.
  • How to play with your intuition.
  • How your intuition speaks to you.
  • How to separate your ego from your intuition.
  • Why you should let go of the need to know.
  • Allow your spirit to move you.
  • Stop doubting yourself.
  • Stay true to your spirit.
  • Be believing eyes for other people and yourself.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much are you living for approval versus living full out?
  • What are you afraid of now?
  • Are you living full out no matter what?
  • Are you living your life or giving it away?
  • What does your inner voice say?
  • End of the day each day- you are so great for (name 1-3 things daily)
  • List ten things that make you happy.

Sharing my ten things that make me happy here:

  1. Reading and cuddling the kids at bedtime.
  2. Spending one on one with hubby.
  3. Spending one on one time with the kids individually.
  4. Spending time with family and friends makes me happy, and I make them happy too.
  5. Meditation
  6. Yoga
  7. Walking barefoot on the grass and sand.
  8. Learning daily
  9. Dancing/Reading
  10. Share what I know and learn with interested people.

I listened to the below book after I finished this course and loved it:

Trust your vibes (revised edition) by Sonia Choquette on Audible.

My five favourite lessons

  1. Lesson 6, name your spirit and the quality of this spirit.

2. Lesson 8 ‘I wonder’- you start every sentence with wonder, and you do not need to be right or know the answer. You need to wonder. She recommends doing this 1. exercise of 100 things; you can play this with someone or on your own; this is a great game to play; I don’t think I get to 100 wonders each day, however, do some daily! Try this out if this interests you!

3. Lesson 11- Trust your vibes, give permission to go full out, and listen to your vibes. You do not always need to understand it; listen and see where it takes you.

4. Lesson 12 – list ten things you love to do. When you make this list, put this list somewhere you will see daily, don’t put in a folder and pack it away; you need to be looking at the list daily.

5. Lesson 15, dance for at least one song, at least 3 minutes and 40 seconds, like no one is watching. Move your body differently; don’t do the same movement twice if you can. Breathe in and out.

              Caves Beach

Check this video below about dancing and its positive effect on your brain:


I am putting out a February perspective for anyone interested in joining; each day for February, I will move my body and dance for a minimum of 3 minutes and 40 seconds, a total here 220 seconds each day.

If this resonates with you, you can join me here, mark this on your calendar! I will be posting this on Facebook community tomorrow!

What I didn’t like about the course

Out of the 21 classes, there was not one that I didn’t like; they were all interesting and informative, and she is so good at storytelling. I am a big fan of Sonia Choquette. The way she delivered the course was excellent; the stories, music and information were all incredible.

To Conclude

Everyone should take this course and see where it could take them. Don’t just take my word for it; if you sign up for 15 days and you are not entirely satisfactory with the course, they (Mindvalley) will refund you the money back to you.

You will have a beautiful life, and you can bring light to other people. Sometimes people can be pessimistic about the world, don’t allow yourself to be taken by this; you can choose not to take that energy and feel happy and optimistic about the world.

When people tell you to explain why you have a vibe about something, you do not need to explain yourself; tell them I don’t know yet; this works for me.

If you like to do this course, it is better financially to join up for all-access, where you have many courses to complete. However, this decision is yours!

Mindvalley link below:


If interested, you could also check out Sonia’s books; she has written many; at this stage, I have listened to one and read another. However, I plan to read and listen to more in the future.

When you have the vibe, go for it; if you have a feeling, if something is off, this is not working, decide what best serves you. You do not need to be a sheep and follow the herd.

I enjoyed the last lesson, 21, new way to live, celebrate all the time. You are such a great person; celebrate who you are daily.

Who is interested in living in the wonderland? I am!!!

           Caves Beach

You are one whole person; you are happy and content with yourself for being you, not what someone else expects you to be.

This course spoke to my soul. I am living in my wonderland. There will be ups and downs, turns, which are part of life. I am grateful that my intuition is always whispering to me.

Believe in yourself and others and be the believing eye to your family and friends; this will open people to do this, and other people will have believing eyes for you too.


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Next week's Blog on the 5th of February 2023 – Forgiveness leads to happiness.

Forgiveness transforms bitterness into a neutral or positive feeling, making you happier.

You are not forgiving people for the people who have done something to hurt or upset you; you are doing this exercise to make it a clear channel for you. The anger and aggression we hold for other people when they have betrayed us will not help in the long run. Yes, someone made a mistake; this could be big or small. However, you do not want to feel this pain forever, you want to move on with your life and have the incredible life you deserve. By forgiving them, you do not agree with their actions. However, you are ok to say this happened, and you have moved on for yourself and your bliss. You do not want this anger to hold you back in any way!

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