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Blog 60 Family Zen: Unlocking Joy and Connection Through Meditation with Kids

Discover the joy of meditating with kids—enhance family bonds and instil lifelong wellness habits.
Blog 60 Family Zen: Unlocking Joy and Connection Through Meditation with Kids
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Discover the joy of meditating with kids—enhance family bonds and instil lifelong wellness habits.


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Being a busy mum is fun but challenging sometimes. You have done housework, your job, and care for your kids all at once! There's no time left for yourself. But what if you could spend time with your kids and take care of yourself at the same time? Imagine integrating a practice like family meditation into your routine, where you can nourish your well-being while connecting deeply with your little ones. Let's try family meditation! It's a unique way to feel good together and helps your kids learn to be calm and handle their feelings. Want to try meditating with your kids to help them be their best, creating a Zen family?

Meditating together is not just about finding peace; it's about creating a joyful, connected family life. As we sit quietly, breathe together, and let go of the day's stress, we open a space to truly listen to each other and connect deeply. This practice is about more than silence; it's about fostering a shared experience that enhances your bond, teaches valuable emotional skills, and instils a passion-driven, impactful lifestyle from an early age. Join me in this journey and watch your family grow not just closer, but also calmer and more centred.

Ever wondered why you should meditate with your kids?

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Meditation is a remarkable tool that enhances mindfulness and emotional regulation for both adults and children. As a wellness and personal growth coach, I encourage families to adopt this practice. The joy of meditating together not only teaches your children valuable life skills but also strengthens your family bond, creating moments of calm and connection that you'll all cherish.

  1. Guided Imagery
    • Find a tranquil place where you both can sit and lie down comfortably. Close your eyes, take deep breaths together, and embark on a peaceful journey in your imagination. Perhaps you're exploring a lush forest or relaxing on a beach. Encourage your children to visualise the environment's sights, sounds, and scents.
  2. Breathing Exercises
    • Teach your children deep breathing techniques to help manage their emotions. Have them place their hands on their stomachs and breathe slowly through the nose and out through the mouth. Make it fun by imagining that they're inflating a balloon with each inhale and deflating it with each exhale.
  3. Mindful Listening
    • Choose a calming sound, like a singing bowl, a bell, or natural sounds. Have your kids close their eyes and focus solely on the sound. They should raise their hand when they no longer hear it. This exercise enhances their concentration and helps anchor them in the present moment.
Start Today: Want to make your family feel more relaxed? Try meditating with your kids today and see how it helps everyone feel better!

Creating a Regular Meditation Routine

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Meditation is a great way to feel calm and happy. It's important to make the most of it. Here how, you can make meditating a regular part of your family:

·         Pick a Special Time: Choose a time that works for everyone, like before school in the morning or just before bedtime. Doing it at the same time every day makes it easier to remember and turns it into a habit.

·         Keep It Fun and Quick: Start with just a few minutes, especially for younger kids. You can make it longer once everyone gets used to it.

·         Lead the way: Children are keen observers. If they see you enjoying meditation, they'll understand its significance and might be more inclined to try it.

 Handling Meditation Hurdles

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Starting meditation with your kids might have some bumps along the way. Here are tips to make it smoother:

  • If They Can't Sit Still: If your child wiggles a lot, begin with short meditations and slowly make them longer. Try adding some gentle stretches or yoga to help them focus.
  • If They're Not Interested, Make meditation exciting! You can tell stories, use fun props, or play calming music during meditation. Let them choose their favourite way to meditate.
  • If There Are Too Many Distractions: Find a quiet spot in your home for meditation. Make sure to turn off TVs and other noisy gadgets.

 Evenings at the Santos Household

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Every evening, I cherish a special routine with my kids, who are 8 and 10 years old. We kick things off with a one-minute balance meditation. They can choose from four different styles and even choose how they want to breathe. After that, we share a moment where they tell me five things:

  1. Something they're thankful for.
  2. Their highlight of their day.
  3. Their low light of their day.
  4. Something that made them laugh.
  5. The most interesting thing that happened.

 I normally do the above separately with the kids.

 I love this part of our day—it's our chance to connect. Talking about their day helps me understand them better. We wrap up with a cuddle and a kiss goodnight. This is our "Family Zen" time, and it's not always perfect nights, they are sometimes filled with tears or arguments as the kids try to stall bedtime. But these bonding moments are precious, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

 Of course, there are some evenings when we skip our routine. Maybe it's movie night, and we're up a little later, or I have plans out, or we all go out as a family. Life isn't always predictable, but adapting and enjoying these moments together is part of the fun.

Photo by Ed Santos
Book a Session: If you want special advice for your family, book a session with me. I’ll help you create a meditation plan that’s just right for you.

Top Quotes

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“Meditation can help the restless child focus, the careless child be more conscientious, give the nervous child more self- confidence, and help the aggressive child calm down and think before acting.” Art of Living


“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” Arthur Ward


“A child is a life that has not gone too far away from the creator. Know a child to know life.” Sadhgura


“Let there be peace on earth…and let it begin with me.” Jill Jackson and Sy Miller


“Meditation eraser the impressions and improve the expression.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Questions and Reflections

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1.      Self-Reflection: How do you feel after meditating with your kids? Have you noticed any cool changes in how you or your kids feel?

2.      Family Discussion: Chat with your kids about how they like meditating. What parts did they enjoy? What didn't they like? Do they think it helps them feel better?

3.      Goal Setting: Think about what you all want to improve with meditation. What are your goals? How can you help each other keep meditating?


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Meditating with your kids is a beautiful way to help them learn to be calm, focus, and manage their emotions. Introducing them to simple meditation techniques and practising regularly equips them with valuable tools to navigate life's challenges. Remember, the goal isn't perfection but progress as a family. Enjoy the shared moments of meditation and watch as it brings more peace, focus, and closeness to your family dynamics. Unlocking joy and connection through meditation with kids.

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“Give the child a taste of meditation by creating a climate and atmosphere of love, acceptance and silence. “Swami Dhyan Giten

Journal Prompts

For your daily Reflection, consider writing about how you and your kids felt during today's meditation. Did you notice any changes in your feelings or theirs? Reflecting on these moments can be a powerful way to connect and understand each other better.
Gratitude Journal: Write three things you're thankful for after meditating with your kids. How do you think meditating together is helping your relationship?
Progress Log: Keep track of how your family is doing with meditation each week. What's getting better? What's still a bit tricky?