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How being more creative makes you happier so you can express and process emotions better.

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Are you struggling to process your emotions or find positivity in challenging situations? Look no further than your creativity. Engaging in creative activities can help you improve your mood, manage stress, and find new solutions to problems.
How being more creative makes you happier so you can express and process emotions better.
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Many people assume creativity is only for artists, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Creativity plays a role in every aspect of our lives, from problem-solving to communication. The best part of this is we are all born with it. Unfortunately, as we age and lose our sense of play, we also lose touch with our creative side. But with some effort, we can all reconnect with our ability to think outside the box and find joy.

We are all creative; this can mean different things to different people. So, each day, I invite you to do something creative, whether 5-60 minutes for this activity.

These could include dancing, singing, playing an instrument, writing a book or blog, drawing, colouring, painting, film, photography, puzzle, Lego, learning, visual arts, origami, web design and embroidery, but not limited to this list.


Creativity isn't only for artists; we can all benefit from it. It can even make us happier. Or is it the other way around? Creativity and happiness are related, but it needs to be clarified how. For example, creative people seem happier, and positive emotions promote creativity, so it's hard to say with any certainty which comes first. However, using creative activities like journaling, painting, or dancing can boost your happiness and increase your creativity.

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Definition of Creative

Creativity relates to artistic activities. While it is correct that writing a poem, creating a dance routine, or creating a beautiful painting takes creativity, art is not the only place to show initiative and imagination.

Creativity is essential in problem-solving, from maths and technology to linguistics.

These could be a brain teaser, puzzles and organising your home; you use your creative problem-solving ability.

Creativity is a desirable trait, and we are all born with it; as we become adults, we lose our sense of play as we become time-poor and see the glass half empty instead of half full.

Are creative people happier? In short, yes - creative people are more satisfied.

Creativity can help people find positivity in the gloomiest of situations.

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Questions and Reflections:

  1. What items do you like doing that is creative?
  2. How much time can I put daily to do something creative?
  3. Could I increase the time I am already doing, and do more, then see how this makes me feel?
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How to be more creative daily

Creative exercises can make you happier; creativity and happiness have an exciting relationship. For example, creativity makes you more comfortable or more satisfied when you are creative. However, they are related, and engaging in creative pursuits will likely do better than harm.

Would you be interested in increasing your creativity, happiness, or both? Here are four exercises you can try:

  1. Dance like no one's watching. Sometimes, dancing our hearts out is the best thing you can do. Choose your favourite music and move your body; you will feel amazing! This will also count as exercise and is excellent for mental and physical health.
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Studies have shown that dancing can help rewire your brain by promoting neuroplasticity. Dancing requires the brain to coordinate movement and balance, sync with music, and remember choreography, all of which can help create new neural pathways in the brain. It also supports improving cognitive function, memory, and concentration. Additionally, dancing releases endorphins, enhancing mood and reducing stress, improving mental health.

Check the below link; dancing for 3 minutes and 40 seconds daily can-do wonders for you, plus rewire your brain:

2. Write about it. You don't need to write the next great novel to find joy in writing. Instead, simply journaling about your day, or trying out different journaling ideas, is a great way to promote positivity and creativity.

Writing is a fantastic tool to increase your creativity. However, if you find developing ideas for your work, business, or side hustle challenging, it's time to make some changes. Creating articles is a great tool to think extraordinarily, structure your thoughts, and enjoy this process.

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Here are some ways in which writing could improve your mood:

a. Expressing emotions: Sometimes, bottling up emotions can worsen your mood. Writing allows you to express your feelings and emotions in a safe and judgment-free environment.

b. Releasing stress: Writing can be a form of therapy. It can help you release stress by writing down your thoughts and feelings. It can also help you reflect and gain clarity on a situation.

c. Boosting creativity: Creativity can be a powerful mood booster. Writing can help you tap into your creative side and provide a positive outlet for self-expression.

d. Fostering positive self-talk: Writing positive affirmations or goals can help create a more positive mindset. Focusing on what you want to achieve or appreciate about yourself can improve your mood and outlook on life.

e. Providing a sense of accomplishment: Completing a piece of writing, whether a journal entry or a story, can give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your mood.

3. Reminiscing sometimes: taking time, and reflecting on your success is good. Creativity priming can positively affect your happiness. Imagine a time you have been creative in the past; you had a problem, and you solved it. How did that make you feel? Also, remember fondly when you were the happiest, holidays, adventures with families and friends. It is not good to be stuck in living in the past. However, it is necessary to contemplate if you like to keep going forward.

Research suggests that taking the time to reminisce and reflect on past accomplishments can enhance self-esteem and happiness. Reflecting on past successes helps to build a sense of competence and mastery, which increases positive emotions and feelings of well-being. Additionally, reflecting on past achievements can provide perspective and gratitude, as it allows individuals to recognise their progress and the positive aspects of their lives.

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4. Painting, drawing, and colouring: can be a form of creativity. Whether this is used for kids or adults, there are many benefits of doing all the above or at least one.

Artists create art that portrays how they think and feel. By using different shapes, colours, and lines, they can express feelings that are something meaningful to them.

The inspiration to draw comes easily to some people. Give a toddler a colour pencil, and they will naturally begin to scribble! As we grow older, the scribbles could become words as well. Drawing and other kinds of art are part of the human instinct to communicate one's views.

Colouring can have a calming effect on children and adults. This is especially helpful for children struggling to process negative emotions and are frustrated, as colouring in will support them.

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Top Quotes

"The creative person is willing to live with ambiguity. He doesn't need problems solved immediately and can afford to wait for the right idea."
Abe Tannenbaum
"Don't wait for inspiration. It comes while working."
Henri Matisse
"Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."
Pablo Picasso
"The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself".
Deepak Chopra


Research has found that creative people are happier, and happier people are more creative. Positive emotions promote creativity, meaning engaging in creative activities can become a positive feedback loop. Whether you dance, write, paint, or draw, you can improve your mental and physical health and boost your overall well-being.

But how do you get started? The possibilities are endless. Dance like no one is watching and feel the stress melt away. You can write about your day or dreams and rediscover your passion for storytelling. You can reflect on past successes and remind yourself of your ability to overcome challenges. Or you can paint, draw, or colour your way to a more relaxed state of mind.

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Whatever your choice, make sure to connect with your creative side regularly. Even just a few minutes a day can significantly impact your mood and outlook. So why not start today? Let your creativity reins and watch your happiness and mental health improve.

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