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Blog 54: Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma!

Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma! Join us as we explore the genuine and empowering journey of a wealth and mindset coach who transformed personal challenges into professional success.
Blog 54: Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma!
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Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma! Join us as we explore the genuine and empowering journey of a wealth and mindset coach who transformed personal challenges into professional success. Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, foster a sense of abundance, and achieve holistic wealth.


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Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma! In today's financial climate, letting money concerns overshadow our happiness is easy. Meeting Emma, a wealth and mindset coach, reveals the deep connection between our finances and inner peace. This blog delves into Emma's transformative teachings, combining her comprehensive financial knowledge with a unique approach to mindset coaching. She offers invaluable insights into how changing our views on wealth can lead to a more fulfilling life. Through her strategies and empowering lessons, we uncover the secrets to financial independence and personal serenity. Join us as we discover how to enhance both our financial health and our overall wellbeing.

Emma, tell me about yourself, your personality, and your passion. How do you serve yourself? Also, how do you serve the community?

 Hi, I am Emma Lagerlow. I am a dynamic individual fuelled by a profound passion for empowering women to unlock their full potential and lead lives of abundance. As a holistic wealth and mindset coach, writer, and the compelling voice behind the It's a Mindset podcast, I embody a unique blend of kindness, quirkiness, and an unwavering dedication to my community.

In addition to my professional endeavours, I find deep fulfilment in serving my community through various avenues. Whether I am hosting my podcast, volunteering as a meditation leader for The Meditation Headquarters, savouring quality time with loved ones, or embarking on soul-enriching adventures across Australia and beyond, I radiate positivity and embody a genuine commitment to making a positive impact through my life's work.

I prioritise daily practices that cultivate presence and inner peace to nurture my wellbeing. Through meditation, journaling, gratitude rituals, and physical activity, I foster a sense of balance and inner harmony that fuels my passion for serving others.

With over 25 years of diverse experience, including a decade in banking and finance, my journey is a testament to my transformation from a corporate professional to a catalyst for change in the lives of women worldwide. Now, as a coach, I am deeply committed to revolutionising how women perceive and manage their finances, drawing from my experiences and lessons learned.

Through my transformative Wealth Mastery Coaching Program, I empower my clients to break free from limiting beliefs, redefine their relationship with money, and embrace a mindset of abundance that transcends financial constraints. The result? They gain financial freedom and a renewed sense of self-worth. Additionally, my life coaching programs, such as Become the Butterfly and Break the Busy Cycle, equip women with invaluable tools to reclaim their worth, prioritise self-care, and reconnect with their purpose, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Join me on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through my insights, strategies, and unwavering support, I invite women everywhere to break free from limitations, embrace their worth, and create lives of profound fulfilment and abundance.

 10 Questions for Emma

1.      What inspired you to pursue a wealth and mindset coach career, and how did your journey unfold?

The journey to becoming a wealth and mindset coach culminated in various inspirations and life experiences. For years, I dreamt of writing a book, and starting a blog seemed like a natural first step to attract potential readers. However, it was only at the onset of the pandemic in 2020 that I realised the time had come to pursue this dream wholeheartedly.

Simultaneously, as my children entered their teenage years, I grappled with the challenges of their increasing independence and boundary-pushing behaviours. Additionally, I was navigating early menopause, which prompted me to delve deeper into the realm of personal development as a means of finding solace and clarity.

My journey took a significant turn when I came across Melissa Ambrosini's book, "Mastering Your Mean Girl." Inspired by her women's health coach work, I envisioned myself in a similar role. With my background in banking and finance spanning over a decade, I felt confident in my ability to discuss financial matters and budgeting - an area where I had always excelled. Recognising the opportunity to leverage these skills to support others, I embarked on a journey to become a life coach.

Through my coaching studies, I profoundly understood the mindset's pivotal role in achieving financial success, overall wellbeing, and fulfilment. This realisation ultimately led me to transition from a 25-year corporate career to pursue my passion as a full-time wealth and mindset coach.

Today, as I reflect on this transformative journey, I’m grateful for the opportunity to empower others to cultivate mindfulness, manage their finances effectively, and live a life of abundance and fulfillment.

2. Could you share some fundamental principles or strategies you utilise to help individuals foster a positive mindset regarding wealth and abundance?

In my practice, I've developed a comprehensive roadmap aimed at helping individuals cultivate a positive mindset surrounding wealth and abundance.

The first step in this journey involves delving into their money mindset, identifying limiting beliefs, and working to overcome them. Clients can lay a solid foundation for financial growth and prosperity by addressing these barriers head-on.

The next step involves empowering clients through practical measures, such as creating a budget and clarifying their financial situation. This process instils a sense of control and direction and fosters a deeper understanding of one's financial goals and priorities.

Financial education forms a crucial component of my approach, with an emphasis on equipping clients with the knowledge and skills needed to build and preserve wealth effectively. Whether it's exploring investment opportunities, risk appetite, or developing strategies for long-term financial security, I strive to provide clients with the basic knowledge they need to thrive in today's economic landscape.

However, I firmly believe that true wealth and abundance extend beyond monetary considerations alone. As such, I advocate for a holistic approach that encompasses various pillars of wellbeing, including health, relationships, purpose, freedom, and time. By nurturing these aspects of life in tandem with financial growth, clients can experience a profound sense of fulfillment and richness in all areas of their lives.

3. From your experience, what are some common misconceptions people have about wealth and mindset, and how do you address them in your coaching sessions?

In my practice, I frequently encounter misconceptions surrounding wealth and mindset that can significantly impact individuals' financial and overall wellbeing.

One prevalent misconception revolves around a need for more awareness regarding one's unique money mindset and the underlying beliefs that may hinder financial and personal growth. These beliefs often stem from early childhood experiences and observations of primary caregivers' attitudes and beliefs toward money and life in general, which individuals internalise as their truth.

Some of the most common limiting money mindsets include a scarcity mentality, wherein individuals believe there isn't enough money to go around and must work tirelessly for financial security. Additionally, there's the misconception that money is inherently harmful, leading individuals to unconsciously block opportunities for wealth accumulation. Others may adopt a passive approach to financial management by avoiding financial responsibilities altogether or believing it's not their responsibility to handle finances.

In my coaching sessions, I strongly emphasise fostering awareness around these limiting beliefs and challenging their validity. By shining a light on the origins and implications of these mindsets, clients can begin to unravel the thought patterns that may be holding them back from achieving true financial abundance. Moreover, I cultivate a sense of worthiness and empowerment within clients, helping them recognise their inherent value and deservingness of wealth and abundance.

Furthermore, I address misconceptions surrounding the correlation between money and happiness. While financial resources can contribute to wellbeing, true happiness encompasses a holistic approach to wealth. This includes nurturing meaningful relationships, prioritising wellbeing, finding purpose, and cultivating the freedom to pursue activities that bring genuine joy and fulfilment. By reframing the concept of wealth to encompass these multifaceted elements, clients can achieve a more profound and sustainable sense of happiness and abundance.

4. How do you integrate podcasts and blogs into your coaching practice, and what specific topics do you explore to support your audience's personal growth and development?

Integrating blogs and podcasts into my coaching practice has been instrumental in supporting my community and conveying the principles and methodologies that underpin my coaching approach. Through my personal development journey and coaching studies,

I've recognised that mindset plays a pivotal role in fostering personal growth and fulfilment, requiring as much attention as physical health to cultivate lives of abundance.

In my content, I delve into various topics that contribute to building a resilient mindset and nurturing personal development. These include exploring self-care practices, cultivating empowering rituals and habits like meditation, journaling, and gratitude exercises, and emphasising the importance of physical movement and nutritional wellness. Additionally, I discuss the multifaceted pillars of true wealth, encompassing financial prosperity and health, wellbeing, relationships, purpose, and time freedom. Goal setting and fostering harmonious living are also recurring themes in my content.

Moreover, I leverage collaboration opportunities, particularly on my podcast "It's a Mindset," where I engage in insightful interviews with special guests I admire for their mindset and achievements in various aspects of life. Through these conversations, I aim to shed light on the critical role of mindset in personal growth and inspire my audience to adopt empowering perspectives and practices in their own lives. By offering valuable insights and fostering awareness of the significance of mindset, I strive to empower individuals on their journey towards fulfilment, abundance, and true wealth.

5. What prompted you to write a book, and what themes or insights can readers anticipate encountering within its pages?

The inspiration to write a book has been a long-standing aspiration of mine, serving as the initial impetus for embarking on my coaching and entrepreneurial journey (as elaborated in response to question 1). Currently titled "Worthy to Wealthy," my book delves into profound themes aimed at empowering readers to cultivate true wealth.

At its core, the book explores the pivotal role of self-worth in unlocking abundance and prosperity. By delving into the depths of self-understanding, readers will uncover their core values and beliefs while also gaining awareness of limiting beliefs that may hinder their growth. The narrative emphasises that while financial wealth holds significance, it's intrinsically intertwined with a sense of purpose, meaningful relationships, and the freedom to pursue joy.

"Worthy to Wealthy" underscores the notion that as individuals undergo personal development and seek holistic wealth, encompassing various facets of life, financial abundance and material possessions naturally follow suit. Through insights and guidance offered within its pages, readers can anticipate a transformative journey towards embracing true wealth in all its dimensions.

Watch this space as I endeavour to release my book to the world for my 50th birthday in 2025.

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6. Can you share a notable success story or transformative experience from a client who

Each client's journey through my Wealth Mastery coaching capsule is unique, yet they all share a common goal: to gain clarity and take actionable steps towards enhancing their wealth mindset. One notable success story stems from a client who initially sought private coaching to bring order to her finances and harness opportunities for wealth growth.

Through our sessions, she gained the accountability needed to refine her budgeting practices and developed a profound sense of money mindfulness - an essential aspect of cultivating a wealth mindset. Today, she's enjoying the fruits of her efforts, travelling abroad with her family while feeling financially secure and empowered.

By remaining present and taking intentional action with her finances, she's achieving her immediate goals and laying the groundwork for long-term wealth accumulation, mainly through strategic property investments. Beyond financial success, she's enriching her life by aligning her actions with her values, creating meaningful memories, and fostering deeper connections with her loved ones and others.

This journey epitomises the essence of a truly wealthy mindset - one that transcends monetary wealth to encompass fulfilment, purpose, and meaningful experiences.

7. How do you assist clients in setting and accomplishing financial objectives while ensuring they prioritise their overall wellbeing and fulfilment?

I take a holistic approach to coaching, leveraging techniques from life coaching to delve deep into my clients' inner workings and help them gain profound insights into themselves. Through exercises such as the Wheel of Life and value exploration, we uncover their core identity and any limiting beliefs that may impede their financial objectives and overall wellbeing.

With this foundational understanding in place, we collaboratively set realistic financial goals. This process aligns with their values and promotes their overall well-being and fulfilment. By ensuring that their financial aspirations resonate with their deeper purpose and values, we create a roadmap that leads to sustainable success and happiness together.

In addition, I provide practical tools such as the Money Mindfulness Budget Planner, available for free on my website here –

These tools are designed to empower my clients with clarity about their current financial status and actionable steps to achieve their goals. This comprehensive approach ensures that my clients not only achieve financial success but also thrive in all aspects of their lives, with confidence.

8. What advice would you offer to individuals seeking to enhance their mindset surrounding wealth and abundance, particularly if they need help determining where to begin?

My advice for individuals seeking to enhance their mindset surrounding wealth and abundance is multifaceted.

Firstly, download the free Money Mindfulness Budget Planner available on my website. This tool serves as a valuable starting point for gaining clarity on their current financial situation and identifying areas for improvement.

For those who may feel apprehensive or uncertain about diving into the budgeting process, I offer the self-paced Wealth Mastery coaching program. This program is designed to be accessible and affordable, providing you with comprehensive support and guidance. It's a reassuring step towards unpacking your money mindset, establishing effective budgeting practices, and gaining essential financial education to foster wealth growth.

Additionally, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me. This conversation is all about you and your specific needs and challenges. I'm here to provide personalised recommendations, understanding your unique journey toward a more empowered mindset surrounding wealth and abundance.

Furthermore, I encourage individuals to tune in to my podcast, It's a Mindset, where they can find valuable insights and discussions on cultivating a genuinely wealthy mindset. Through engaging conversations and expert interviews, listeners can gain inspiration and practical strategies to elevate their mindset and achieve their financial goals.

9. In what ways do you continue to evolve and progress in your journey toward wealth and mindset, and how does this evolution inform your coaching methodology and content creation endeavours?

Continual evolution and growth are fundamental to my journey toward wealth and mindset. As a lifelong learner, I'm committed to expanding my knowledge and understanding through various means, including reading books, participating in programs, and seeking expert guidance. I am curious about my limiting beliefs surrounding wealth and mindset, recognising that awareness is key to navigating and transcending these barriers.

In addition to intellectual pursuits, I prioritise daily practices that nurture my mindset, such as meditation, journaling, and gratitude exercises. These rituals, combined with physical activity, the cultivation of meaningful relationships, and the pursuit of joy and fulfilment through travel and everyday experiences, are sturdy pillars of strength. They empower me to confront life's inevitable challenges with resilience and clarity.

My ongoing evolution and experiences directly inform my coaching methodology and content creation. I integrate insights gained from my journey into my coaching sessions, whether through one-on-one interactions, group coaching programs, or content shared on social media and my podcast, It's a Mindset. By approaching coaching from an intuitive perspective and sharing authentic and learning experiences, I aim to empower my clients and audience to embark on their transformative journeys toward true wealth and mindfulness.

10. Something I Wish People Knew About Me?

One thing I wish people knew about me is that I'm just an ordinary woman on a mission to change the way people think and leave a positive legacy. My life's journey, from my tenure in banking and finance to earning a marketing degree, from raising four teenagers to backpacking around the world in my twenties, has been a tapestry of diverse experiences that have shaped who I am today. These experiences have ignited a deep desire to become a wealth and mindset coach, leveraging my unique gifts and life lessons to support others on their path of self-discovery.

No one handed me permission to pursue my dreams, and the truth is, you don't need permission either. When you begin to live in alignment with your purpose, you unlock a profound sense of happiness and fulfilment. And let me tell you, being a mid-life woman is the perfect time to start. With half of your life still ahead of you, a world of possibilities is waiting to be explored and embraced. 

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Time for a quick game: “What’s My Money Mindset?” Grab a pen and jot down those stories you tell yourself about money. Are they more myth than truth? Challenge their validity!


Stuck or feeling overwhelmed? No stress! It’s tricky to tackle those subconscious financial barriers solo. Consider reaching out for expert coaching to help clear the fog. Let’s uncover and smash those money myths together, setting your financial vibes soaring!

Top Quotes

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Emma likes these quotes:

“Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”
Jen Clarke
“Less is More."
Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Below are the quotes I like on this topic:

“Failure is not fatal, but failing to change might be.” John Wooden
“The problem human beings face is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” Michelangelo
“I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it. “Vincent Van Gogh
“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” Babe Ruth
“Nothing will work unless you do.” John Wooden

Questions and Reflections

1.      Question: How do you uncover and ditch the beliefs that block your financial success? Reflection: Pause and ponder your money mindset. Are there any beliefs that might be capping your cash flow? Try scribbling your thoughts in a journal or chatting it out with a buddy or a coach. Spotting these beliefs is your first step to shaking them off.

2.      Question: How do you ensure your financial goals boost happiness and fulfilment? Reflection: Look at your financial ambitions—are they in tune with your life's big picture? If they're off-key, tweak them until they harmonize. Picture your financial win and plot actual steps to make it happen.

3.      Question: How can you sneak some smart money moves into your daily grind to boost your bank balance and your brainpower? Reflection: Picture giving your day a mini-makeover with wealth-building wisdom and a sprinkle of self-improvement. How fab would that be for your prosperity and personal growth? Brainstorm some savvy ways to tuck educational nuggets into your everyday routine, turning your day-to-day into a powerhouse of progress and positivity.

Set Clear Financial and Wellbeing Goals: Grab something like the Money Mindfulness Budget Planner to sketch out real-deal financial goals that align with your overall wellbeing. Remember, hitting the jackpot isn't just about stacking cash—it's crafting a fulfilling, balanced life. Figure out what that means for you and start taking small but mighty steps toward those goals. Keep it practical, keep it achievable, and keep it all about you!


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Debunking Wealth Myths: Insights from a Wealth and Mindset Coach Emma! As we wrap up our journey with Emma, a wealth and mindset coach, it becomes evident that redefining our financial mindset is about much more than just growing our bank accounts—it's about improving the quality of our lives. Emma's teachings show us that true wealth is achieved through a balanced mix of financial independence and personal wellbeing. By adopting her principles and shifting our perspectives on money, we unlock the potential to excel in all areas of life. Let's apply these insights to foster a more prosperous financial and spiritual life, setting the stage for a future where prosperity and happiness go hand in hand.

Dive Into the Know-How: Make a pact with yourself to keep learning by diving into blogs, podcasts, books, and all sorts of resources that pump up your wealth mindset and overall prosperity game. These gems are like your personal cheer squad, offering constant inspiration and down-to-earth tips you can use. Kick things off by hitting subscribe on a killer podcast, bookmarking a must-read blog, or challenging yourself to a book-a-month goal about growing that bank account and your bliss.
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Thanks for being here, and let’s kickstart your growth and toast to your successes as you unlock your full potential!

Do you have questions? Don’t be shy—drop me a line! I love chatting with our awesome community.

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Journal Prompts

Money Mindset Exploration: Think back to the financial vibes in your house growing up. How have those early money talks (or silences) shaped how you view dough today? Spot any old habits or beliefs you want to toss? Let's dive into those!
Broadening Your Abundance Horizon: When you hear 'abundance,' don't just see dollar signs. Picture thriving relationships, robust health, personal growth, and the sweet freedom to be you. How can tweaking your mindset help you embrace this richer definition of abundance?
Wealth Goals with a WellBeing Twist: It's time to align your financial goals with your life's big values. How do they compare to your vision of a well-rounded, wealthy life? Let's map out some practical steps to ensure that chasing those goals boosts your happiness and fulfilment, not just your bank balance!